Compatible Module’s Price is So Cheap, What about the Quality?

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What’s your compatible optical transceiver met international standards? And what are the advantages?
FiberStore supplies all GBIC,SFP, 10G products are in line with the latest international standards, and FiberStore provides GBIC, SFP, 10G fiber module products with Cisco, Huawei, 3COM, ZTE, Extreme, Foundry, Juniper, D-Link, Wah, Annette, Netgear, IBM, Dell, HP, Alcatel, ZyXEL many manufacturers such as switches, routers, servers, firewall products are fully compatible.

FiberStore professional provides hot-pluggable optical module products, and the Fiberstore competitive advantage is reflected in three aspects:

:: FiberStore is the large professional transceiver manufacturers, has a strong R & D and production capacity, so the model is complete, timely delivery, commonly used optical module products have a large inventory guarantee;

:: Obvious price advantage, excellent quality;

:: Can provide users with more choices, and have extensive product line.

How do I know the optical module have a problem?

Digital diagnostic functions (DDM)

In SFF-8472 MSA, standardized digital diagnostic functions and SFF-8472. Of this specification, the detection and digitizing of the circuit board in the inside of the module parameter signals. Then, after calibration the results or to provide the digitized measurement results and calibration parameters. This information is stored in a standard memory structure, in order to read through bi-cable serial interface. SFF-8472 to retain the original SFP / GBIC in mapping at address A0h address, address A2h has added a 256-byte storage unit. This memory unit, in addition to providing parameter detection information, but also defines the alarm flag or alarm conditions, each pin state mirroring, the limited number of control capabilities and the user can write the memory cell.

Fault location

In optical link, locate the fault occurred fast loading of business is essential. Fault isolation characteristics allow system adminstrators to quickly locate the postion of a link failure. This feature can locate the fault in module on the line; locally module or modules in the remote. Quickly locate the fault, reducing the time to repair the system.

Fault location, need a comprehensive analysis of state, pin and measuring parameters.

In short, through digital diagnostic functions, you can locate the fault. Fault location, a comprehensive analysis of Tx_power, Rx_power, Temp, Vcc, Tx_Bias warning and alarm status. Tx Fault, the state variables in the memory mirroring, and the Rx LOS (loss of signal) are failure analysis plays an important role.

Compatibility verification

Another feature of digital diagnostic is module compatibility verification. Compatibility verification is the analysis of the modules work environment to meet the data sheet or compatibility and related standards. The performance of the module only in this compatibility work environment can be guaranteed.

In some cases, due to environmental parameters beyond the data sheet or standard, will cause the module performance degradation, thereby transmission error. Work environment and the module is not compatible are:

1) voltage outside the specified range;
2) received optical power overload or lower than the receiver sensitivity;
3) the temperature is outside the operating temperature range.

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