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40G Data Centre Structured 

Fibre Cabling Solution 

DC Cabling Technical Team
DCI Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Metro WDM System

FMT Multi-service Platform

Management System

Flexible Ring Architecture for 

Robust and Large-Scale

Optical Transport

OTN Technical Team
Senior Telecommunication

Free Project Support

In-Building Wireless

Power Over Ethernet

Networking & Security

Secure Data Centre Design and Deploymnet

FS Makes it Faster, More Reliable

And More Efficient

Enterprise Technical Team
Network Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Multi-brand Compatibility

Coded & Tested In-house

Design Consistency

FS Box V2.0 - Data Centre Tool Kit



Optics Technical Team
Senior Hardware Design

Data Center Structured Cabling Solutions

FS can help move you into your new Data Center Space
— From design to migrating your Servers and Data Center

As a leading designed and innovative communication corporation, with the 10-years wealth of experience, FS has a proven process to offer comprehensive project design services to clients, enable cabling more modular, scalable and easily adaptable, making the data faster and more accurately, spending less time to maintain, repair or install.

Our Data Center Cabling Project Support Includes:

Project Free Design Service

All copper and fibre network cabling projects are custom designed to the unique specifications of the data center space and the customer's specific demands, purposes, only for providing the best and cost-effective solutions.

Wiring Management Optimization

Fibre optic hardware and copper system can be recommended according to the exact application environment, to better facilitate future modifications to the structured cabling network, ease of deployment, flexibility and reliability.

Product Customization Service

We can provide various cabling products, fibre and copper, to different application environment requirements and based on the needs of programme, helping verify products paraments, offering non-standard items.

Why FS Data Center Cabling Solution?

Cost Reduction

As your end-to-end partners, FS provides the reasonable solution to you through design and product innovation, and reduces costs across your supply chain through standardization, negotiated price and fast delivery.

Space Utilization

In the limited space, FS high-density solutions provide double connection. Our engineers design for maximum efficiency, realizing perfect space program, not crowded, can add, move, change easily in future.

Ease of Use

To effectively utilize and better manage the space, high density products will have more advantages, seeing from innovative design, these products will bring installers less time to install and remove.

DC Cabling Solution Team
DCI Engineers w/CCIE/HCIE Certification

Ask Our Experts

Project Inquiry

*Free CCIE/HCIE Support

*Network Design/ Redesign, Analysis

*One-to-one service for each online PO

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Our Data Center Structured Cabling Support Products

Fs data_center_cabling_02.jpg

Interconnect Optical Solution

Bring fast speed and fully compatibility to your network switches with our high quality fibre optic transceivers, DAC and AOC cables.

Fs data_center_cabling_03.jpg

Fibre Cabling System

Create a modular cabling environment within your data center to accelerate application deployment, reduce costs, and streamline fibre cabling operations.

Fs data_center_cabling_04.jpg

Copper Cabling System

Improve operational efficiency and control costs with our copper cabling solutions that offer a simplified experience for deployment and management.

Fs data_center_cabling_05.jpg

Network Switches

Delivers a comprehensive 10/40/100G switching options for small & large data centers with multi-function management solutions.

Fs data_center_cabling_06.jpg


Gain efficiency and more control with our diverse KVM switches that provide a cohesive, unified and simplified solution to manage your devices.

Fs data_center_cabling_07.jpg

Power System

Without power, even the modern data center can break down. FS PDU & UPS power system can help to provide sustainable and efficient electricity for your IT equipments.

Featured Content

Fs mtp-lc-patch-panel.jpg

40G-10G/100G-25G MTP-LC Breakout Patch Panel

Fs fs-cable-management.jpg

Structured Cabling Solutions in Data Center

Fs fhx-fiber-enclosure-1.jpg

FHX Ultra HD Fibre Enclosure User Guide

Fs 52.jpg

Pre-terminated Copper Ethernet Trunk Cable Solutio...

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