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Hybrid DWDM over CWDM Network

A flexible and scalable solution for cost-effective capacity growth and investment protection.

What can Carriers & Users Benefit from Hybrid CWDM/DWDM Solutions?

Reduced Cost & Investment Protection

Maximizing ROI by growing capacity through adding DWDM wavelengths onto existing cost-effective CWDM systems.

Pay-As-You-Grow Architecture

Easy scaling of CWDM solution to over 44 wavelengths that do not affect network traffic.

Simple to Install and Maintain

Installed together in FMU 2-slot 1U chassis, benificial for cable management and network operation.

Why is Hybrid CWDM/DWDM Network Achievable?

CWDM wavelengths range from 1260-1625nm, channel spacing is 20nm, which actually cover all the range of DWDM wavelengths (1470-1625nm). And DWDM wavelengths have much smaller channel spaces (0.4nm/0.8nm). Therefore, the CWDM wavelengths near DWDM wavelengths can be used to transmit the DWDM wavelengths.

In most practical applications, CWDM 1530nm and 1550nm channels are used to achieve hybrid CWDM & DWDM.

CWDM Channels (Bandwidth) DWDM Channels (Centre Wavelength)
1530nm (±6.5 nm) C52-C61 (1528.77 - 1535.82 nm)
1550nm (±6.5 nm) C27-C42 (1543.73 - 1555.75 nm)

How to Design a Perfect Hybrid CWDM/DWDM Network?

Customer Requirements

Expansion and upgrade:Connect 40ch DWDM MUX to 1550nm channel of 8ch CWDM MUX to achieve the hybrid.

Requirements of the nodes:The total distance of link is 48km, two nodes need to be added at 12km and 36km.

Solution Design

1. Expansion of 40 DWDM channels can't be achieved due to the restriction of the bandwidth, so FS engineers adopt 8ch C53-C60 DWDM MUX to meet customers' applications.

2. Owing to the loss of MUX &OADM and total fibre loss ≤ 23dB, so deploy a boost amplifier to amplify the output of single channel up to 8db, which optimize the residual and signal quality of the link.

3. Respectively adding 1ch east and west OADM at the nodes to download and upload the signals.

Solution Diagram

Items Series Products Description
FMU Series 8ch C53-C60 DWDM Mux Demux
8ch 1470-1610nm CWDM Mux Demux
1ch 1470nm CWDM OADM; 1ch 1490nm CWDM OADM
FMT Series 16dB Gain Pre-Amplifier DWDM EDFA C-band 13dBm Output, -25dBm-0dBm Input, Plug-in Card Type, LC/UPC

FS devotes to offering self-design, research&development and manufacturing innovative products based on different network environment.More details please click

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