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How to Remodel Main Data Centre for Efficient Utilization?

Customer Requirements

There are 14 racks in a 7x2 grid. The centre rack in each grid will be network/fibre termination; Rack 04 and 11 will be the network racks, the others are server racks.

96F 8x12 MTP trunk from each server rack to each network rack for 10G, 2x 96F 8x12 between network racks for QSFP28. All OM4.

Solution Designs

FHX Ultra high density cabling, up to 144-fibre connections in 1RU is recommended for efficient utilization when connectivity is required for a high port count, and it can provide a highly scalable solution for both LC and MTP connectivity.

Connect 10G-SR links from server rack to network rack with MTP-LC cassettes; Connect 40G/100G QSFP28 links between network racks with MTP adapter panels for structured cabling.

MTP trunks are mainly used for the data centre backbone cabling, which make it easy to integrated cable management and allow for easier moves, adds, and changes(MACs).

Server Rack to Network Rack

The duplex connectivity with inter-connect structured cabling system allows for patching on both ends of optical network. And MTP-12 trunk cable is deployed with 12-fibre modules connected to the end of the trunk.

Network Rack to Network Rack

When interconnect 40G/100G optics for ultra high speed networks in data centre, the use of MPO/MTP multi-mode fibre cabling is generally the preferred cabling method. Also fibre enclosure and adapter panles are used to complete the interconnection.

More Solutions, More Choices

  • 10G/25G to 40G/100G Migration

    For structured cabling system with breakout patch panel solutions,
    FS optimized MTP-LC panel will make you get the world.

  • How to Handle Issues Concerning Polarity

    Providing a TIA Standard based guideline for you to
    better understand polarity.

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