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Easy-to-use Voice Collaboration

A growing number of colleges and universities are gravitating to VoIP to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs for communications services, through FS VoIP solutions, administrators can provide students and teachers with the best communication tools they needed to improve the learning process and achieve success.

FS provides Voice Communication Solutions, the existing IP network was used to expand the VoIP business without additional large-scale wiring to save cost. The phones are connected to the desktop and directly connected to PC to achieve Gigabit Ethernet in fast transmission. IPPBX can support up to 60 concurrent calls and 200 users to meet the future expansion.

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Gigabit Ethernet

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports of IP phones ensure faster transmission speed

  • High-definition(HD)voice call guarantees work efficiency

Free Call

  • Free call by intranet extensions, resources are shared on external lines to save communication cost

  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone numbers for direct and free dialing ensure smooth teaching

Flexible Extension

  • Rich functions such as conference calls, call recording, and IVR

  • Support mobile extension, register in IPPBX to strengthen communication and collaboration

Branch Networking

  • Real-Time live view and multi-channel display on one screen enable you to monitor different places simultaneously

  • VCA smart search finds footage easily by date, event types, and tags

  • VMS and mobile Apps are available to monitor remotely

Quick Installation

  • Simple installation, support desktop layout and wall mount

  • No need to wire new telephone lines as voice signal is transmitted over the IP network, saving labor and cost for a large campus

Unified Management

  • WEB configuration for easy management and operation

  • Support automatic configuration, quickly configure IP phones and voice gateways in batches, unified management for different office locations

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FS Research Center

Adhering to standard five phases, FS R&D center is committed to the research and development of user-centered products and solutions. By listening to users' feedback, analyzing the market trends, and cooperating with strategic R&D partners, FS has developed products and solutions that meet users' special needs.

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