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Multi-service Hybrid Convergence

The arrival of the 5G era has further accelerated the digital transformation of various social and economic fields, and the entire ICT industry and the digital economy have developed in parallel. Facing the blowout innovation demands of vertical industries, it is necessary to carry out technological innovation based on OTN (Optical Transport Network) to match the diverse needs of different businesses.

FS is committed to continuously providing high-quality products and solutions for users from different industries. This solution introduces CPE OTN to help solve the transmission needs of multi-service hybrid access.

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  • VC4, VC12, VC3 Level Cross Connection

  • 1+1 MSP Protection Switching and SNCP 1+1 Protection

  • Processing Channel Overheads and the AU/TU Pointer


  • VC4/VC12/VC3 Level Cross Connection

  • Intra-card and Inter-card Interface , Linear Multiplexing Section and SNCP Protection

  • Pocessing Section Overheads of STM-16/STM-4/STM-1 Signals and AU/TU Pointer


  • Support GCC, PRBS and FEC

  • Multi-service Hybrid Transmission (SDH\PTN\OTN)

  • Traditional ODUK SNCP Protection and Unified Cross MSP and VC SNCP Protection


  • Uniform Cross Connection, Capacity up to 210 Gbit/s

  • Three Different Services Types Including OTN, PTN and SDH

  • Centralized Switching and Processing of PS Services, Capacity up to 280 Gbit/s


  • 3.5dB Typical Insertion Loss, AAWG Technology

  • Protocol Transparent for Ethernet, FC, OTN, SONET/SDH, etc.

  • 1% Monitor Port for Troubleshooting, 1310nm Port for Legacy Traffic


  • 1+1 NMU Main Control Card Backup

  • Pluggable Fans and Dual Power Supplies

  • 7 Slots, Mux/DEMUX/EDFA/OEO/OLP/DCM Cards


  • AGC and APC Operation Modes

  • 25±5dB Variable Gain, Gain Flattened

  • Equipped with VOA, MON, OSC Ports


  • 16±5dB Variable Gain

  • AGC and APC Operation Mode

  • Equipped with VOA, MON, OSC Ports


  • Low Polarization Mode Dispersion ≤0.3ps

  • Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) Technology

  • Low Latency≤ 6.036μs, Low Insertion Loss≤ 4.0dB


  • Takes Up 0U Rack Space

  • Increases the Longevity of Your Equipment Interfaces

  • Tool-less Detachable D-rings Help Cable Management


  • Max. Power Consumption 1W

  • LC Duplex, DFB+PIN

  • Fully Compatible with 200+ Vendors


  • <1.8W Low Power Consumption(Typical)

  • LC Duplex, EML+PIN

  • Fully Compatible with 200+ Vendors


  • ≤ 1W Low Power Consumption

  • LC Duplex Type, FP+PIN

  • Fully Compatible with 200+ Vendors


High Reliability

  • Small size and low power consumption.

  • OTN hard pipe to build physical isolation and provide high network security.

Plug and Play

  • Supports desktop and wall-mounted installation, etc.

  • Supports time delay to realize end-to-end management of private line services by WEB.

Multiple Interfaces

  • Provides ODUK 1+1 protection and optical layer protection 1+1.

  • Access and transmit services with mainstream interfaces such as GE/FE/E1.

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