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Simplified Network Structure

With the rise of cloud services, IoT, Wi-Fi 6 and various video services, traditional enterprise networks are already struggling to cope with the growing network demands due to their complex architecture and high maintenance and expansion costs. Based on the traditional campus network, FS uses an all-optical network (xPON) to access the campus LAN to build a flatter, easier-to-deploy, and business-integrated network for enterprise offices.

The solution uses FS's OLT3610-08GP4S equipment, which uses multi-level splitting to cover every office area on every floor, with Diversified ONUs (TA1710-4G-P), supporting a maximum of 2048 terminal accesses, which can achieve full-floor, full-region network coverage to meet the network needs of high-rise office areas.

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Key Application: Management Office

  • Up to 48 Fibers (LC) or 576 Fibers (MTP-24)

  • Dual Doors for Easier Access, Optional Keys for Added Security

  • Removable Cable Entry/Exit Grommets Offers Dust/Debris Protection


Key Application: Office Area

  • High-efficiency Wi-Fi 6 Technology, 2x 2 MU-MIMO Dual-Band 2400 Mbps

  • Fully Compatible with Existing Wi-Fi 5 and Older Devices

  • High-density Connectivity, Up to 1024 Users, Recommend 64 Users


Key Application: Office Area

  • Smart Human/Vehicle Detection

  • Plug-and-Play PoE Connection

  • Free App and Remote Access


Key Application: Management Office

  • Each PON Port Supports up to 128 ONUs

  • Support CLI/WEB/SNMP/TELNET for Flexible Operation

  • Support Type B Protection, Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection for PON Port


Key Application: Management Office

  • Support WEB/SNMP/TELNET for Flexible Operation

  • PoE+ Standard, Total Budget 130W

  • Epon Gpon Dual Mode Automatic Switching


High Construction Efficiency

  • Fiber optics replace traditional network cables, making them easier to operate and construct.

  • The simplified network structure eliminates the need for extensive cabling and greatly reduces construction time.


  • The optical fiber is small and can be aggregated, effectively saving wiring space.

  • Optical devices instead of active devices greatly simplifies the server room space.

Green Energy Saving

  • The fiber optic medium is green and has a very long service life.

  • The active equipment is greatly reduced and the energy consumption of the equipment is greatly controlled.

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