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Fluke Networks Pro3000F60-KIT Tone Generator and Filtered Probe
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Fluke Networks Pro3000F60-KIT Tone Generator and Filtered Probe



FS P/N: PRO3000F60-KIT

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Fluke Networks Pro3000F60-KIT Includes Tone Generator & Probe with 60Hz Filter and SmartTone Technology

The Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series provides clear and precise tracing of communication cabling. The innovative filtered probe obstructs signal interference present in the environment (caused by power cables and lighting) when listening for tone. The probe’s powerful speaker makes tracing cables through drywall, wood or other enclosures quick and easy.

The Pro3000™ toner’s patented SmartTone™ technology (with five different tones for exact pair identification) allows the technician to identify individual pairs. The tone generator is also capable of sending tone up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) on most cables!
Product Specifications
Model NumberPRO3000F60-KITBattery9V alkaline
Pro3000 Analog Toner User interfaceSlide Switch Selects Continuity or Tone Mode
Push Button Switch Selects SOLID, ALT or OFF
Tone Mode LED
Continuity/Polarity LED
Pro3000 Analog Probe User InterfaceON/OFF Push Button
Volume Dial
Replaceable Tip
3.5 mm Earphone Jack
Pro3000 Analog Toner Solid Frequency1000 Hz NominalPro3000 Analog Toner Alternating Frequency1000/1500 Hz Nominal
Pro3000 Analog Toner Over Voltage Protection60 Vdc in Toner/Polarity ModePro3000 Analog Toner Output Power (Tone Mode)8 dbm into 600 ohms
Pro3000 Analog Toner Output Voltage Level (Continuity Mode)8 Vdc with Fresh BatteryTemperature-20° C to 60° C

* Fluke Networks and FS.COM partner on Fiber and Copper testers, Copper tools, software. Check the agreement.

Cable Testing You Trust, Network Testing You Need

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Fluke Networks Pro3000F60-KIT Tone Generator and Filtered Probe


Pro3000F60-KIT Tone Generator and Filtered Probe

The Pro3000F filtered probe, 60 Hz, “Stops the Buzz” by obstructing signal interference and unfiltered toner, for use on inactive networks, uses SmartTone™ technology, with five different tones to allow the technician to easily identify individual pairs.

Network Cable Testers Pro3000F60-KIT Tone Generator and Filtered Probe

Clear- Innovative Filter Technology Blocks Interference
Network Cable Testers Clear- Innovative Filter Technology Blocks Interference

Precise – SmartTone™ Technology for Exact Pair Identification
Network Cable Testers Precise – SmartTone™ Technology for Exact Pair Identification

Compare Products
Power Over Ethernet
Detects 802.3af
PoE Class (0-8), Negotiated Power, Power Load Test
Resistance Balance Test
Network Test Capabilities
Network Speed
(Up to 1Gb/s)
Network Speed
(Up to 10Gb/s)
Switch Speed
Digital Toning
Analog Toning
Noise Filtering
Switch Presence
VDV Service Detection
Cable Wiremap
Cable Length
Qualified Cabling Speed (10/100/1000/VoIP)
Cable Certification(Cat 6, 6A, 8, Fiber)
Indentify Open/Short
Distance to Open/Short
Locate Crosstalk Fault
Identify and Locate Impedance Fault
Parametric Tests on Cable and Connectors
Measures: NEXT, RL, IL
Full Parametric Bi-directional Test
1000 Results in Tester, Document with LinkWare PC
12,000+ Copper Results in Tester Document with LinkWare PC & LinkWare Live
User Interface/Display
Color Touch Screen
Color Touch Screen
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