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Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 Versiv 2 CableAnalyzer™ with Integrated Wi-Fi
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Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 Versiv 2 CableAnalyzer™ with Integrated Wi-Fi



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Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzer Copper Cable Certifier for Category 5/5e/6/6A/8 Twisted-Pair cabling, 2 GHz, Touchscreen, LinkWare Reporting

The DSX2-8000 is part of the modular Versiv family that reduces the cost of copper and fiber certification by two-thirds. Future-ready design supports up to Cat 8, single mode and multimode fiber loss and OTDR testing plus inspection. The DSX certifies copper cabling, complies with all standards including Level VI/2G accuracy, making jobs easier to manage, and getting to system acceptance faster. The advanced touchscreen interface ensures jobs are done right the first time. Manage jobs and testers from any smart device over Wi-Fi with LinkWare Live.
Product Specifications
Model NumberDSX2-8000Cable TypeShielded and Unshielded Pair LAN Cabling
Permanent Link Adapters (Plug Type)Shielded RJ45, (Optional) TeraChannel Adapters (Jack Type)Shielded RJ45, (Optional) Tera, GG45
Test StandardsCat 3/4/5/5e/6/6A/8 per ANSI/TIA-568.2-D
Class C/D/E/EA/F/FA and I/II Certification per ISO/IEC
Maximum Frequency2000 MHz
Cat 8 Test Modes (or Lower Link Categories)ANSI/TIA-1152 Level 2GClass I/II Test ModesProposed Standard IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 Level VI
Length of Twisted Pair Cabling
(Without Remote)
0 m to 150 m,± (0.3 m + 2 %)
150 m to 800 m, ± (0.3 m + 4 %)
Propagation Delay
(Without Remote)
0 ns to 750 ns, ± (2 ns + 2 %)
750 ns to 4000 ns, ± (2 ns + 4 %)
Length of Twisted Pair Cabling (With Remote)150 m (490 ft), ± (0.3 m + 2 %)Propagation Delay (With Remote)750 ns, ± (2 ns + 2 %)
Delay Skew0 ns to 100 ns, ± 10 nsDC Loop Resistance Test0 Ω to 540 Ω, ± (1 Ω + 1 %)
Typical Battery Life8 HoursCharge Time (Tester Off)4 Hours to Charge from 10 % Capacity to 90 % Capacity
Display5.7 in LCD Display
With a Projected Capacitance Touchscreen
Integrated Wi-FiMeets IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
Speed of AutotestCat 5e or 6/Class D or E, 7 Seconds
Cat 6A/Class EA, 8 Seconds
Cat8, 16 Seconds
Languages SupportedEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Trad Chinese,
Czech, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, Portuguese
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)CalibrationService Center Calibration Period is 1 year

* Fluke Networks and FS.COM partner on Fiber and Copper testers, Copper tools, software. Check the agreement.

Cable Testing You Trust, Network Testing You Need

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Fluke Networks DSX2-8000 Versiv 2 CableAnalyzer™ with Integrated Wi-Fi


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Unmatched Speed for Cat 6A, 8, Class FA, I/II and All Current Standards
Network Cable Testers Unmatched Speed for Cat 6A, 8, Class FA, I/II and All Current Standards

Accelerates Every Step of the Copper Certification Process
Network Cable Testers Accelerates Every Step of the Copper Certification Process

ProjX™ Management System Manages Complex Jobs with Ease

Project menu screen shows percent complete per job. Specific screen shows up to the minute project details. Set-up or view test limits, and testing attributes.

Network Cable Testers ProjX™ Management System Manages Complex Jobs with Ease

LinkWare™ PC Cable Test Management Software

LinkWare Cable Test Management Software lets you manage all the results from multiple testers using one PC application. Deliver professional, customized, graphical reports in a common format for Fluke Networks copper and fiber testers Incorporate new and innovative features to give technicians a tool that performs and reports test.

Network Cable Testers LinkWare™ PC Cable Test Management Software

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Power Over Ethernet
Resistance Balance Test
Detects 802.3af
PoE Class (0-8), Negotiated Power, Power Load Test
Network Test Capabilities
Network Speed
(Up to 1Gb/s)
Network Speed
(Up to 10Gb/s)
Switch Speed
Digital Toning
Analog Toning
Noise Filtering
Switch Presence
VDV Service Detection
Cable Wiremap
Cable Length
Qualified Cabling Speed (10/100/1000/VoIP)
Cable Certification(Cat 6, 6A, 8, Fiber)
Indentify Open/Short
Distance to Open/Short
Locate Crosstalk Fault
Identify and Locate Impedance Fault
Parametric Tests on Cable and Connectors
Full Parametric Bi-directional Test
Measures: NEXT, RL, IL
12,000+ Copper Results in Tester Document with LinkWare PC & LinkWare Live
1000 Results in Tester, Document with LinkWare PC
User Interface/Display
Color Touch Screen
Color Touch Screen
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