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Optical Transceiver DDM Information Checking with CLI Command

Optical Transceiver DDM Information Checking with CLI Command

FS Official 2018-08-17

Optical transceiver DDM (digital diagnostics monitoring) information can reflect the real-time working status of transceivers, such as temperature, voltage, optical output and input power, etc. Therefore, it is important to know the exact working status of a certain optical transceiver module before buying.

However, how to view DDM information of a fibre optic transceiver? This video shows you the DDM information and linking status of a 40G-QSFP-SR4 transceiver using CLI (command line interface) command.

From the video, you can see clearly that two 40G QSFP transceiver modules are connected to each other with a polarity B MTP trunk cable. Then the optical transceivers are inserted into two N series switches (N5850-48S6Q and N8000-32Q) separately. Both the optical transceivers and switches are provided by FS. As a result, the fibre link is running without any error. And the transceiver's operating parameters are all within normal range using CLI command, which you can tell from the operating interface in detail.

Actually, in addition to the 40G QSFP optical transceiver tested in the video, FS provides other quality-assured transceiver modules of wide range as well. These fibre optic transceivers are compatible with most major brand equipment such as Cisco, Brocade, and Arista to meet different speed and distance needs.

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