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Modular Adapter Panel for Multimedia Cabling

Modular Adapter Panel for Multimedia Cabling

FS Official 2018-09-13

Using the 6-port modular adapter panel for multimedia cabling is a clever trick in environments that have mixed fibre and copper cabling. This multimedia modular adapter panel, as its name shows, can house either fibre optic adapters or copper RJ45 inline couplers. Thus both fibre optic patch leads and copper Ethernet patch cables can be connected via it. Flexible collocation of different numbers of adapters and couplers can be achieved according to users’ actual needs, such as LC and MTP fibre adapters, and Cat5e and Cat6 inline couplers. This modular design is unique compared with traditional pre-loaded fibre adapter panels or copper patch panels that support only a single type of connector. The 6-port multimedia modular adapter panel wastes no ports in situations where multiple types of fibre patch leads or RJ45 cables are installed.

Each blank modular adapter panel is packed with six specially designed plastic clips, which can hold different fibre optic adapters. All the fibre adapter types and copper RJ45 keystone insert modules that can be used in the modular adapter panel are available at FS. This modular multimedia adapter panel can be used in various FHD series products, such as the 1U horizontal patch panel, 1U rack mount FHD fibre enclosures, etc. A 1U space can house four of this modular adapter panel.

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