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What's the difference between gray fiber optic cable and aqua?

by S***e on 21/06/2019

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Thanks for your question. OM1 and OM2 are both typically orange but our armored cables are gray. The difference between OM1 and OM2 is in size, which is 50-micron and 62.5-micron fiber optic cables. OM3 and OM4 are typically aqua blues. Higher speed applications require OM3 and OM4 (or better) to reach a certain distance. And they come in different data rates. OM1 and OM2 can support 1Gb speeds, OM3 and OM4 can support 1Gb to 100Gb speeds. by N***t on 28/06/2019

by N***t on 28/06/2019