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I see this product listing 69906 notes "Max. Power Consumption 0.1W" and also "Wire AWG 30AWG for 1~5m, 24AWG for 6~10m." Yet when I look at listing 40110 which appears to be the same SFPP-AC10 cable it notes under the specifications section the following: "Power Consumption ≤0.5W" and also "Wire AWG = 26AWG" Before I purchase these active 10M cables I need to confirm if there is actually a power or AWG difference between the two product listings?? and that the specs are accurate?? Up until now the lowest power 10M active DAC cable I have found is 24AWG and 440mW power consumption, so I'm a little skeptical.

by J***x on 23/02/2023

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Regarding the product #69906 you mentioned, this is a customized product, we can provide 30AWG for 1~4m, 28AWG for 5~6m, 26AWG for 7~10m, we can't provide 24AWG products. As for power consumption, the power consumption of 10G DAC is less than 0.55W, regardless of the number of meters and wire gauge. For #40110, it notes "Power Consumption ≤0.5W" and also "Wire AWG = 26 AWG". That's accurate. We suggest you refer to the parameter information of #40110 as #69906 is a customized product, not a finished product. by FS.com on 01/08/2023

by FS.com on 01/08/2023