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When using this with OM1 fiber what are the tested lengths that this has worked on and does the type of tranceiver is compatible? LX etc.. 550m? Also what speed 1Gb, 10Gb?

by P***n on 20/04/2022

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If 1G LX modules are used at both ends, when used in conjunction with OM1 optical fiber, it is recommended that the transmission distance does not exceed 275m. Single-mode optical modules with LC duplex connectors are generally compatible. Due to the limitations of OM1 mode, rather than the distance limitation of the optical module, the distance of 550m cannot be reached using the LX module. The recommended transmission distance for 1G rate is no more than 257m, and the recommended transmission distance for 10G rate is no more than 33m. by FS.com on 27/04/2022

by FS.com on 27/04/2022
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