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100G High-Density MTP Cabling in Institute of Biology

By FS Project Designer2019-07-12

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Industry: Health Care Technology

Location: United Kindom


With its reliability and high performance, MTP/MPO technology has become a vital element in high-density data centres. To assure the data transmission in MTP/MPO systems, it is paramount to maintain the right polarity throughout. The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, a research institute, wanted to link three rooms together using both MTP and LC cabling.


The distance between Room A to Room B is 67 metres, and Room A to Room C 195 metres. Our client’s requirements included:

    Both LC and MTP cabling are required to link the 100G switches inside each room.


    OS2 MTP trunk was required to link three rooms and supposed to be terminated on both ends with 8 MTP-12 connectors.

The challenge was how to maintain the right polarity of the whole link with the aim of achieving successful interconnection and fulfill the connection of Room A to Room B and Room A to Room C in the meantime.


FS provides a solution based on the network environment and our client’s requirements.

MTP-12 to 6x LC Duplex, Type AF, 12 Fibres OS2 Single Mode FHD MTP Cassette


MTP-12 to 6x LC Duplex, Type A, 12 Fibres OS2 Single Mode FHD MTP Cassette


FHD - Fibre Adapter Panel - 12 MTP Key Up to Key Down Adapters


1U 96 Fibres Rack Mount FHD High Density Slide-out Fibre Enclosure Unloaded, Holds up to 4x FHD Cassettes or Panels


Customised 8-144 Fibres MTP-12 OS2 Single Mode Fibre Trunk Cable 3.0mm


Cisco QSFP-100G-CWDM4-S Compatible 100GBASE-CWDM4 QSFP28 1310nm 2km DOM Transceiver Module


Cisco QSFP-100G-PSM4-S Compatible 100GBASE-PSM4 QSFP28 1310nm 500m DOM Transceiver Module



    Inside the rack of each room, MTP cabling is installed to connect MTP up-to-down panels with the 100G PSM4 transceiver plugged into the switch and LC cabling is used to connect the MTP-LC cassette with CWDM4 transceiver.


    As for connectivity between Room A to B and Room A to C, Type A cassette and Type AF cassette are deployed on each side of the link to offer efficient utilization of rack space and simplify cable management. Then 24 fibres (2×MTP-12) Type A MTP trunk is chosen to connect the two cassettes to maintain proper polarity. Similarly, a 72 fibres (6×MTP-12) Type A MTP trunk is used for linking the MTP up-to-down panels. It answers the client’s need to terminate 96 fibres with 8 MTP-12 connectors.


To maintain the right polarity in MTP/MPO system is not easy. While FS successfully helps our client solve the polarity issues and build a highly scalable MTP cabling network. This solution makes the interconnection between three rooms possible in an easy and organized way.

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