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SDN Visibility and Security Solution

Provide end-to-end visibility, insight and security into
physical and SDN networks.

Creating SDN Visibility and Security

SDN is an architecture purporting to be dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, seeking to be suitable for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of modern applications. This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

FS N-series provides a full line of 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE switches with SDN capability. And with L2/L3 features support IPv6, VxLAN, QinQ, sFLOW meet the high-demanding Data Center high performance and virtualization requirement. Combining with FS TAPs provide anytime network access and visibility, protecting your network with a stack of security and monitoring. Also enable a Low-Cost SDN Visibility and Security solution in FS.

Benefits of SDN Visibility and Security

Increased Visibility into the Network

The centralized control provides a single location from which security, performance, and challenges can be identified.

Centralized Network Provisioning

It can load-balance and distribute traffic more efficiently to prevent chokepoints, which can improve application performance.

Reduced Hardware Management and Costs

You can extend the life of existing hardware because you have shifted the decision making to the SDN controller.

SDN Switch with L2/L3 Cumulus Linux

FS N-series offers the flexibility of operating within a legacy network environment, with Cumulus support for advanced features, including MLAG, VxLAN, SNMP etc, this switch is ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data center.

25G SDN Switch

  • Broadcom Tomahawk+
  • 3.6Tbps Full-duplex
  • Cumulus ® Linux ® OS
US$ 9,400.00

40G SDN Switch

  • Trident 2 BCM56850
  • 2.56Tbps Full-duplex
  • Cumulus ® Linux ® OS
US$ 8,900.00

100G SDN Switch

  • Tomahawk BCM56960
  • 6.4Tbps Full-duplex
  • Cumulus ® Linux ® OS
US$ 12,000.00

FHX Tapped Cassettes

Network test access points (TAPs) are the approved and recommended hardware tool that allows you to monitor your network monitoring fabric.
FS optical network TAPs are purpose-built hardware devices that make a 100% copy of your network's data
providing your monitoring tools 100% visibility.

1G/10G TAP Cassette

  • LC to LC
  • Duplex signal
  • 50/50 OS2 split ratio
US$ 300.00

40G BIDI TAP Cassette

  • LC to LC BIDI
  • BIDI signal
  • 50/50 OM4 split ratio
US$ 270.00

40G/100G TAP Cassette

  • MTP® to MTP®
  • Parallel signal
  • 50/50 OM4 split ratio
US$ 510.00

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