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FS WDM Solution Paves The Way to
Connect Multi-Type Fibers

Who Sends One Demand to FS for Helping?

The customer works for a Canadian ISP company, whose purpose is to support clients need to flawlessly orchestrate the delivery of the applications. His new project was to connect three sites which have a long distance between each other.

Q (The customer):
We are looking for a suitable solution to carry data over 2 links. What makes me confused is that there are two kinds of fibers in the first link. Will this affect the whole link?
A (FS):
Different fibers in the link means the signal would suffer from more signal degradation and optical dispersion. A cost-efficient solution is needed to solve this problem to keep the existing fiber working.

How to Meet the Customer's Demand?

Both G.655 and G.652 fiber can support DWDM. While G.652 has higher chromatic dispersion than G.655, which may cause the nonlinear effects in WDM systems, such as four-wavelength mixing (FWD). In this case, we fix the problem by emptying one band in the middle of each band when choosing the wavelengths of Mux Demux.

Key Point

For such a long distance, EDFAs are needed for amplifiying signals. While combined with optimized OSNR Raman amplifiers and high performance DCMs, amplification is achieved with reduction of nonlinear impairments and also signal quality is guaranteed.

DWDM system supports flexible expansion. For this project, more signals can be added to the link without deploying additional EDFAs or DCMs in the future. It provides a great degree of flexibility and significantly reduces OPEX and CAPEX.

Product List

Item Series Products Description
FMU Series 4CH C21-C23 DWDM Mux Demux
FMT Series DWDM EDFA (Booster Amplifier, Pre- Amplifier)
Dispersion Compensation (40KM, 80KM)

Get the Best Network Performance out of FS Solution

Secure and Scalable Solutions

With deep experience in OTN network, we deliver tailored WDM solutions that fit every customer's growth plans as well as security needs.

Reliable Tech Support

FS provide network solution and help to solve all the installation and operation questions. We aim to provide the best pre-sales & after-sales technical support.

Powerful Backup Service

In the event of FS product failure, we will immediately send you spare parts for emergency response to minimize any business interruption.

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