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What is Ring Architecture?

Ring configurations can be deployed with one or more DWDM systems, supporting any-to-any traffic, or they can have a hub station and one or more OADM
nodes, or satellites. It is a resilient optical transport service that delivers more robust transport networks and Increases operational efficiency.

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Who Has Cooperated with FS on Ring Architecture?

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Klee Group is a French digital company, offering digital services and products. With 500+ professionals, it serves companies and organizations in 32 countries.

What are the Challenges of KLEE Group?

With the goal of building the most reliable and cost-effective transmission network between the four data centers to broaden its business range,
KLEE Group encountered problems due to the high link loss, different transmission distance and high budget. Faced with the complex situations, FS
experienced OTN technical team designed a complete and most appropriate solution within four days for KLEE Group.

Product Model Desc Distance(km) Link Loss(dB)
A PAR1 - PAR3 30 8
B PAR3 - ESS1 30 8
C ESS1 - PAR1 60 17
D PAR1 - PAR2 20 6
E PAR2 - ESS1 50 13

What Do We Do for KLEE Group Project?

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    To avoid excessive insertion loss, FS experienced technicians have replaced the customer's CWDM link with the DWDM&EDFA solution.

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    To minimize the budget as much as possible, FS experienced technicians have selected a more cost-saving MUX&OADM solution instead of MUX&OTU solution.

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    To provide the best service for our partners, our professional team has actively discussed with partners to figure out their thoughts and modify the solution accordingly.

Customized Diagram by Our Tech Team,

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FS devotes to offering self-design, researching & developing and manufacturing innovative products based on different network environment.

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