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CWDM is a technology that adds capacity to network by using the optical spectrum between 1270-1610nm, and it can realize up to 18 channels with wavelengths with a channel spacing of 20nm. Featuring in the wider frequency band, large wavelength interval, CWDM is mainly used for short-distance transmission.

What Is FS Multi-service Passive CWDM Solution?

FS passive CWDM solution allows multi-service like data, storage, voice or video to be transmitted simultaneously on different wavelength channels over a single fiber. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way to transport signals while reducing network complexity, simplifying operation and achieving better transmission for 1G/10G/25G Ethernet, 1/2/4/8G FC and STM-1/16/64, etc.

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200G Max. Capacity

Support Multi-service Up to 200G Over Single Fiber

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Service Transparency

Ethernet, SDH/SONET, FC, SDI, CATV, FTTx, etc

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Flexible & Cost-Effective

18 Max. Channels. Pay-As-You-Grow

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Multi-service Passive CWDM Solution Portfolio

Multi-service Transport Typical Application

Mix of services are transmitted transparently in the CWDM system, as long as the data rate and formats on the corresponding wavelengths are consistent, just as 1G Ethernet and 3G SDI signals services can be transmitted simultaneously as above.

The 1G/10G grey light signals can be converted into color light CWDM signals by using OEO WDM transponder, and then aggregated into the passive CWDM system by using 18CH CWDM Mux, saving fiber resources a lot.

The 25G grey light signals can be converted into color light CWDM signals by using 25G OEO WDM transponder, and then aggregated into a single fiber link by using 8CH CWDM Mux, achieving up to 200G transmission capacity.

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