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FHX Upgrading System for Data Center Telecom

A migration pathway that would move seamlessly from existing 10 Gig to a future ready 40 Gig

FS Backup Force for Higher Patching Field Density

R&D Innovative Design

Under the environment of FS own data center room, much self-experience creates more inspiration and optimized performance.

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According to every customer's requirements, offering solution and solving technical issues to complete their projects.

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Stock items being enriched sustainably speed up the processing of orders, making the customers earlier carry out their application.

Who Sends One Demand to FS for Helping?

As a leading provider of network equipment and solutions in Canada, Quebec, which is the forth of the largest country in the
world, addicting to IT system like cloud, application performance and mobile etc.

Can we combine those 3 scenarios using same MTP trunk cable (1 or 2) between racks? (distance between rack max of 20meters)

Scenario 1: Connect 10G-SR links from rack#1 to rack#2;
Scenario 2: Connect 40G-SR links from rack#1 to 10G links rack#2;
Scenario 3: Connect 40G-SR links from rack#1 to rack#2.

How to Meet the Customer's Specific Needs?

In the complex cabling system with large capacity, it can optimize data center space with FHX series products, the more important thing is to higher network speed, using large-core MTP trunk cables can reach direct-connect, even upgrading from 10G to 40G ethernet, the below network achitecture between racks is designed to the customer.

Technical Analysis

10G to 10G

Using FHX MTP-12 to LC cassettes between two racks to better manage and organized cabling, make the cables more standard.

40G to 10G

In the same FHX enclosure, using FHX MTP-8 to LC cassettes is available, via type B MTP backbone cable from a migration of 40G end to 10G end connection, up to higher patching field density.

40G to 40G

For data storage between two racks, to connect FHX MTP adapter panels with MTP female to female trunk cable, type B.

Connection Diagram

More Successful Solutions

FS strives to provide more solutions with the highest standards of design, flexible application and cost-saving products for you.

FHX Ultra HD Cabling System for Data Center

Making Fiber Connectivity Easier to Manage

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10G/25G to 40G/100G Migration

For structured cabling system with breakout patch panel solutions,
FS optimized MTP-LC panel will make you get the world.

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