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Managed DWDM Solutions Secure Your Network

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Adjust to Rapidly Evolving Network

In today’s connected global economy, network security has become a primary concern for internet service providers (ISP). They face the immediate need to add more network capacity and along with this to establish a stronger shield against network interrupts.

FS solutions become to create secured networks, connecting all sites through DWDM networking, minimizing the attack surface of your network, and preparing your people and infrastructure for future regulatory requirements.

The Must-haves of Secured Optical Networks:


Reliable Connection with FS Solutions

Complete products and powerful solutions help you keep networks, communications, and traffics safe from network interrupts.

Monitoring & Management Solution

Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP)


Designed to protect optical transmission system line, OLP is able to provide fiber path redundancy in a WDM system. In case of a fiber cut in the active path, traffic will be switched over to the protected path in less than 15ms.


OLP is an ideal choice for backbone network when there are enough dark fibers.

FS olp_img.png

Optical Power Detection (OPD)


OPD is a kind of optical power monitoring equipment, which can carry on the high precision optical power detection.


Due to its high measurement accuracy, high stability and high performance, OPD is suitable for optical real-time monitoring system in optical fiber, cable, optical passive device loss measurements.

FS opd_img.png

Optical Performance Monitoring (OPM)


OPM acts as an all-in-one monitor of any WDM optical network, aimed at the long haul and metropolitan DWDM network supervision.


It's used for optical performance monitoring analysis, including optical wavelength monitoring, optical power monitoring, and OSNR monitoring.

FS opm_img.png

Ring Network Protection

When your network can form a ring, optical-channel shared protection-ring architecture is a cost-effective and secure choice. Take the three-point ring network as an example. Business from Site A can be transmitted to site B directly, also can be passthrough transmitted to Site B via Site C. A bidirectional wavelength path-switched ring is shown to offer faster protection time for optical-channel-layer restoration.

FS Scheme_Diagram2.png

Complete Protection

If you have full budgets, reserving a backup with the same products and configuration is more secure. No matter what kind of failure occurs on the main path, everything will run normally in the redundancy path.

FS Scheme_Diagram2.png

Leading-Edge Optical Transport Network System

FS OTN system is designed to be reliable and cost-effective. The solutions enable carriers, dark fiber and content service providers, data centers, research, and education campuses, and enterprises to increase their fiber utilization while maintaining flexibility and achieving higher security.

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