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Reduce Effort, Time, Space and Budget with Top-Designed
FS.COM Data Center Cabling System

FHD series optics designed for your data center optimization

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FHD Enclosure
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Delicate Cabling System for Data Center
  • A
    FHD-1UFMT-NDimension: 1.73"x16.92"x11.09"(44x430x281.9mm)
    FHD-1UFCEDimension: 1.73"x16.92"x11.09"(44x430x281.9mm)
    FHD-2UFCEDimension: 3.46"x17.60"x16.98"(88x446x431.2mm)
    FHD-4UFCEDimension: 6.81"x17.40"x15.63"(173x442x397mm)
How We Approach to Our Cable-Protection Solutions
FS.COM is committed to R&D, and offering fiber connectivity network solutions for carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks.
We provides a flexible and modular system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in all applications. The solution easily scales for
every size installation and allows for future growth.
  • Network / IT Closet

    Fs FHD_system_pic5-1.jpg

    Organize your fiber networking closet or room

    Fixed patch panel and tray for economy installations

    Shallow depth for versatile mounting

  • Server Room

    Fs FHD_system_pic5-2.jpg

    Provides the cable protction and management solution

    Utilizes slide-out, tilt-down drawer for accesss installation

    Capacity for greater system flexibility

  • Data Center

    Fs FHD_system_pic5-3.jpg

    Ultra space-saving cable management

    Utilizes slide-out, tilt-down drawer for accesss installation

    Highest patch field density and fiber counts

What Else Can You Choose for Enclosure?

How to get more support?

FS.COM focus on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
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