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"We spent significant time testing a combination of SFP+ vendors before finding FS, a SFP+ manufacturer from which we could directly source SFP+s at a reasonable price that worked in the network gear we wanted to use."

— Matthew Prince from Cloudflare


Cloudflare, Inc. is a multinational technology company in America. It provides a content delivery network, Internet security services and distributed
domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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A Growing Global Network Built for Scale 10 Tbps Capacity and 115 Data Center Global Footprint

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Make The Internet Work The Way It Should for Anything Online

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Make More Than 6,000,000 Internet Properties Faster and Safer

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Cloudflare Have Had Difficulties in Their Data Center Infrastructure

They raised to a question: "Where we can get 10G DAC compatible with, "Cisco, Arista and Solarflare?"

FS Won This Challenge and Solved Compatible Issue
for Cloudflare

FS R&D Dep. researched and tested constantly to work out the coding
solution for Cloudflare, FS DAC cables are working well on Cisco, Arista
and Solarflare equipments.

Cloudflare Need More Comprehensive Technical Support

Standard code solution won't meet the upgraded equipment like Cisco,
Arisra, etc. We need to take more and more time on RMA to program the
suitable code.

FS Set Test lab and Achieved Breakthrough on Software
and Hardware Solution

FS Test Center Support | 300+ branded switches | 100+ software
engineers | 100+ hardware engineers

Cloudflare More Requests in Their Global Data Centers

100G QSFP28 | MTP® Cables | ...

FS Established Cloudflare Warehouse

FS manage and house Cloudflare owned spares in both US and
Asia warehouse to make sure fast delivery when they are required.


Product Design

FS set up a professional technical analyzing team which worked hard on the 10G DAC cables' code programming and the chip designing, dozens of Cisco,
Arista, Solarflare, etc. Equipments were purchased for testing. Finally the intelligent code and chip which can be supported perfectly by different brand equipments
simultaneously were developed.

Global Warehouses to delivery
Hardware/Software engineers
Branded equipments for testing

Full Set Products in Cloudflare Global Data Centers

Cloudflare and FS business cooperation is blooming, from the beginning demand for 10G transceivers,
DAC cables to the latter 40G, 100G products and integrated solutions.
FS offers a full range of solutions, products support with the most unimaginable cost-effective cost to meet all requirement of Cloudflare based
on the maximize profitability.

Free Logistics Warehousing Management with Intelligent Software

FS manage and house Cloudflare owned spares in our US and Asia warehouse. We' ll work with you to create a sparing plan, stock our locations,
and dispatch spares when they are required, and even handle RMAs.

Rich Inventory
Apply to Data Center, Fiber Transmission, Enterprise Network, etc.
Stock Global Warehouses
Deposit zones in our locations and dispatch spares when customer required.
Intelligent Management System
To improve delivery speed and manage inventory products efficiently.
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Redefine our market objectives
according to the successful R&D
for Cloudflare.
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Recognize and enhance the system
management based on the experience
from Cloudflare.
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Further improve our global warehouse
management system in view of free logistics
warehousing customization services.


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Worked Perfectly at A Great Cost
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High Speed Data Transmission for Our Network
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Cloudflare | CEO-Matthew Prince

"While 10Gbps Ethernet can run across standard Cat5/6 cable, we elected to use SFP+ connectors. We chose this to have the flexibility between", "optical (fiber) and copper connections. Some network card and switch vendors lock down their equipment to only support proprietary SFP+s,", "which they charge a significant premium for. We spent significant time testing a combination of SFP+ vendors before finding FS, a SFP+", "manufacturer from which we could directly source SFP+s at a reasonable price that worked in the network gear we wanted to use. "

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