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Ultra High Density Fiber Distribution Solution

This is a state-of-art fiber optic management system which facilitates fast, flexible and future-proofed connectivity in the data center, leading the market
into the next generation of network architecture with worry-free cable management on a scalable solution.

The Drives Behind Ultra High-Density Systems

FHX series strive to provide more solutions with the high-density preterminate optical cabling solutions, consisting of enclosure, cassette and adapter panel.

FHX special 7
FHX special 1

FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure

FHX Ultra high density cabling up to 144 fiber in 1U is recommended for efficient utilization, and providing a highly scalable solution.


FHX Ultra 12F LC/SC Adapter Panels

Detachable high density fiber adapter panel, designed to provide easy management of MACs of connections in your data center.

FHX special 3

FHX Ultra MTP Adapter Panels

MTP adapter panels provide a simple interface to mate MTP connectors, and connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling.


FHX Ultra 12F Cassette

Ultra high density pre-terminated fiber optic
system designed for improved reliability and
quick deployment.

FHX special 5

FHX Ultra 8F LC Cassette

FHX MTP-8 cassettes convert a single lane of
parallel optic signals into 4 discrete duplex LC channels.

FHX special 6

FHX Ultra MTP/MPO Cassettes

MTP conversion cables are modularized and upgrading the connectivity to 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 in fiber cabling system.

FHX special 8 play icon

Video for Installation Details

The video will show the FHX enclosure's innovated design and how this ultra high density enclosure can better fit MTP-8 and MTP-12 cassettes by changing rails.

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FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure

Engineered with individual sliding trays, hinged doors, clear front port identification and refined cable management capabilities, the FHX enclosure supports network manageability in
ultra-high-density enterprise and data center environments.

FHX special_9 A B C

FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure

US$ 120.00

A FHX special 10
Adjustable mounting brackets are better suited to the front installation distance of your cabinets.
B FHX special 11
Smooth slide rail allows the drawer to extend steady in a straight line, and makes it pushed or pulled more stably as well as faster.
C FHX special 12
Enclosure can be converted to support either 8-port or 12-port cassettes and panels, by moving and changing the dividing rails.

FHX Ultra Fiber Cassette

Allows system designers to tailor configuration, reach and breakout construction to application requirements; to minimize waste, optimize cable management, speed deployment, and
improve flexibility and manageability for lower installation costs.

FHX special 13
FHX special 14

FHX MTP-12 Cassette

From US$ 65.00


FHX MTP-8 Cassette

From US$ 65.00

FHX special 17
FHX special 18

FHX MTP/MPO Cassette

From US$ 190.00

FHX Ultra Adapter Panel

FHX series fiber adapter panels are used in conjunction with FHX series enclosure for deploying a fiber infrastructure as you migrate to higher network speeds.

FHX special 20

FHX LC Adapter Panel

From US$ 15.00

FHX special 21
FHX special 22

FHX MTP Adapter Panel

From US$ 67.00

Successful Case Study

FHX special 25

FHX Upgrading Solution for Data Center Telecom

A migration pathway that would move seamlessly from existing
10 Gig to a future ready 40 Gig


FHX Ultra HD Cabling Solutions for Data Center

Making fiber connectivity easier to manage.

Always Care about What You Think about

FHX special 23

Is FHX cassette with FS.COM logo? Can I order the package and label without any logo?


Yes! All the products of our company have FS.COM logo, yet customized labels or packages solution are available on request. If you want to know more details, please contact


I am more concerned about the delivery of the FHX enclosure, will you tell me the specific lead time?


Actually it can be shipped on the same day and the general shipping time is 3-4 days. If you choose to ship from overseas warehouse, then the arrival time will be faster.

How to get more support?

FS.COM focus on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
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