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Optical Transceivers Deployment in
5G Networks

Provide transceiver connectivity solutions to support the growing needs
of the 5G application.

5G requires new requirements for the bandwidth, capacity, delay and networking flexibility of the load-bearing network. As higher base-station/cell-site density is required for the 5G network, the demands of high-rate transceivers will significantly increase.

FS provides industrial 25G LR, BiDi, DWDM for 5G fronthaul, and 50G, 100G, 200G, 400G series transceivers for 5G mid/ backhaul. Passive optical components including WDM Mux Demux is also available to prepare the 5G network.

5G Fronthaul Network Transceivers Connectivity

In the fronthaul scenario, the transmission distance is generally below 10km. The industrial 25G LR transceivers and CWDM Mux
Demux are required for 5G passive WDM fronthaul solution.

5G Mid/Backhaul Network Transceivers Connectivity

In the midhaul scenario, the transmission distance is between 10km and 40km, the 25G ER, 50G LR/ER/BiDi and 100G ER4 are
mainly applied in it. And high speed 100G ER4 and 400G LR8 are applied in backhaul networks.

Professional Test Lab

Fiber Optic Transceivers Test

Integrated performance and compatibility tests based on the world's most advanced analytical test equipment and brand switches.

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Fiber Optic Cables Test

Comprehensive tests include end-face Inspection, IL and RL testing, 3D Interferometer and polarity testing.

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