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DWDM technology has been popular in recent years due to its features of high density, high speed, and high capacity. And in the future, it will still be the primary technology in optical communications, especially in long haul transmission.

10G DWDM long haul transport solution supports a broad range of services such as SDH/SONET, PDH, Ethernet, SAN, LAN, video. It offers enough flexibility in any network topology (end to end, mesh, ring) with the ideal scalability and can fit all your applications at the lowest cost.

  • High Link Budget

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Simplified Management

  • Flexible Deployment

DWDM Long Haul Typical Application

Optical transmission is mainly influenced by attenuation, the chromatic dispersion of the fiber. When the transmission distance is getting longer, signal will be attenuated and dispersed, which requires extra optical components like EDFA/DCM to be added to ensure the optical transmission.

In long-distance single-fiber transmission, the wavelengths traveling over the dark fiber can be split into two spectral bands by R/B filter and amplified by EDFA, which makes it possible to extend power budget in single fiber system for both transmitting and receiving, thus significantly maximizing investment and decreasing costs.

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