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VoIP Simplifies Workflow in Governments

As the forerunner of information construction, governments are developing toward the direction of data and voice integration of IP network to achieve the informationization and intelligence at government offices.

FS puts IP PBX as core and adopts advanced IP communication technology to integrate phone voice into the data network, providing the government with flexible IVR functions and other advanced communication functions such as phone recording, teleconferencing and mobile office, providing a reliable, efficient and intelligent voice platform for government information construction.

Featuring with multi-lingual and multi-level IVR services, the governments' service hotlines allow citizens (callers) to solve their questions more quickly, striving to provide efficient and convenient government services, reducing and optimizing approval processes.

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Built-in IVR

  • Built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to reduce the number of calls and save operational costs

Direct Inward Dialing

  • Direct Inward Dialing numbers route calls to the person directly, without the need for a receptionist or phone menu, saves time

High Performance

  • A single IP PBX supports up to 200 extensions

  • 60 external lines concurrently

Efficient Management

  • Real-Time live view and multi-channel display on one screen enable you to monitor different places simultaneously

  • VCA smart search finds footage easily by date, event types, and tags

  • VMS and mobile Apps are available to monitor remotely

High Security

  • Key features like multiple security mechanisms, firewall, blocklist and allowlist, calling authorities, etc.

Unified Management

  • Remote management can provide unified management and maintenance for scattered office locations, saving time and costs

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Adhering to standard five phases, FS R&D center is committed to the research and development of user-centered products and solutions. By listening to users' feedback, analyzing the market trends, and cooperating with strategic R&D partners, FS has developed products and solutions that meet users' special needs.

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