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Superior Wi-Fi for Your Smart Home

With the integration of the Internet into people's lives, Wi-Fi coverage without dead ends and seamless roaming have become people's daily needs. The villa has many rooms and large spaces, and the walls and stairs block the signal, which leads to signal attenuation and the wireless use effect not to reach expectations.

The FS whole-house Wi-Fi network solution is dedicated to bringing you a reliable and ultimate Wi-Fi experience. Back home, you can keep listening to beautiful music and watching 4K video from room to room,real-time constant temperature in each room, and camera monitoring 24 hours a day. Create a smart and comfortable home environment for you.

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Get the Speed You Need

  • Multi-radio Wi-Fi 6 that handles all your connected devices without any slowdowns

  • High-bandwidth provides blazing fast speeds, buffer-free video, and audio to all devices in every room

Broader range, no blind spots

  • Ceiling and wall-mounted type provide stable high-speed Wi-Fi for each area, no more Wi-Fi blind spots

  • Seamless roaming allows you to move freely without losing Wi-Fi signal and enjoy uninterrupted streaming

Safe and Reliable

  • Deliver both an uninterrupted network experience, and secure visitor management system through visitor authentication

  • Protecting the network from threats with powerful firewalls, WIDS, access control and URL filters

Easy to deploy and maintain the network

  • Clear system status with visual interface and easy configuration, monitoring and management of wireless networks via the intuitive web interface

  • Gateway, Wireless Controller and PoE switch functions are all in one. The network structure is simple and easy to build

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FS Research Center

Adhering to standard five phases, FS R&D center is committed to the research and development of user-centered products and solutions. By listening to users' feedback, analyzing the market trends, and cooperating with strategic R&D partners, FS has developed products and solutions that meet users' special needs.

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