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High-Density Wi-Fi Deployment, Ultimate Shopping Experience

The wireless network is increasingly affecting people's lifestyle and shopping habits, and public Wi-Fi has become more popular, so much so that most retail industries now require this service.

Many shopping malls are actively implementing wireless solutions to adapt to this rapidly changing retail environment. FS Wi-Fi 6 network solutions can make Wi-Fi seamlessly cover all corners of the mall, and users can move freely without dropping the Wi-Fi signal. In addition, latency is down, and Wi-Fi coverage is far more stable, creating a superb shopping experience for users.

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Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi Access

  • High capacity Wi-Fi meets the growing wireless network needs of employees and customers, creating a smooth experience for all applications

  • Seamless roaming allows users to span the entire wireless network, maintain good mobility, and achieve fast roaming and voice support

Excellent User Experience

  • Administrators can configure, monitor, and troubleshoot in real-time through a web interface without the need for CLI expertise

  • Load balancing improves the high availability of employees connections and ensures smooth internal operation of the store

Complete Data Security Guarantee Mechanism

  • WEP, TKIP, and AES encryption technology ensure the security of data transmission in wireless networks

  • Effective rogue AP detection and containment enhance security of the entire wireless network environment

Guaranteed Delivery

  • Global warehouses ensure fast shipping

  • Technical experts help confirm the scenario to ensure the feasibility

  • Online technical support ensures on-site construction and commissioning

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Five Phases of the Solution Integration Process

FS Research Center

Adhering to standard five phases, FS R&D center is committed to the research and development of user-centered products and solutions. By listening to users' feedback, analyzing the market trends, and cooperating with strategic R&D partners, FS has developed products and solutions that meet users' special needs.

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