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Smart Parking Solution for Harsh Environments

The development of urbanization has led to rapid growth in the number of cars every year, and the problem of difficult parking has been plaguing the majority of car owners. At the same time, the diverse environment of overseas countries (humidity, low temperature, high temperature) also brings challenges for the network design of parking lot. Therefore, higher-performance industrial switches and security surveillance cameras are needed to deploy network solutions, thus guaranteeing stable operation of the equipment.

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Robust Design

  • Anti-corrosion casting aluminum alloy with IP30/IP40 Rating

  • Fanless, convection-cooled with no moving parts for extended durability‐40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range

Flexible Management

  • WEB offers an easy-to-use management mode, users can configure, monitor and troubleshoot the device in real-time without having CLI expertise

  • Using Zabbix to realize the unified monitoring and quick troubleshooting via SNMP, which greatly facilitates network maintenance

High Reliability

  • With hardware-based algorithm, the reliable industrial Ethernet ring technology ensures less than 5ms self-recovery time of every node and less than 50ms self-recovery time of the network

  • Dual redundant AC or DC powers to ensure continuous operation

Guaranteed Delivery

  • Global warehouses ensure fast shipping

  • Technical experts help confirm the scenario to ensure the feasibility

  • Online technical support ensures on-site construction and commissioning

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FS Research Center

Adhering to standard five phases, FS R&D center is committed to the research and development of user-centered products and solutions. By listening to users' feedback, analyzing the market trends, and cooperating with strategic R&D partners, FS has developed products and solutions that meet users' special needs.

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