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The Security System Protects Your Safety

Nowadays, many hotels are facing various problems, such as large guest mobility, complex identity of personnel entering and exiting, opening of the overall hotel environment, safety of guests' belongings, the unified management of parking lot vehicles and many other issues.

Based on the needs of hotel security monitoring for guest safety, property protection, and guarding of key areas of the hotel, this solution uses bullet, dome and turret cameras to realize multi-screen monitoring, personnel and vehicle management and control, video storage, alarm linkage notification and other functions for important places such as hotel lobbies, corridors, elevators, corridors, and parking lots. At the same time, the mobile app EZcloud supports hotel managers to remotely view the monitoring screen to further improve the entire hotel video monitoring program.

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Clear Image

  • High definition video of 5MP can pick up more details

  • Smart image enhancements (WDR/3D DNR) improve video quality and help to identify people and objects

  • Corridor mode can provide a more open monitoring picture in the narrow and long corridor scene

High Security

  • Smart behavior detection, focusing on the human body, filters out false alarms for accurate monitoring

  • Instant email alerts can be received when there are motion events, quickly responding to security issues

  • Screen blocking alerts to prevent vandalism to the monitoring system

Flexible Deployment

  • With an optional PoE/DC power supply, cameras can be easily deployed to get power and access the Internet, which simplifies the connection

  • NVR supports automatically adding cameras on the same network segment, saving time and convenience

Efficient Management

  • NVR cooperates with decoder display on one screen enable you to monitor different places simultaneously

  • VCA smart search finds footage easily by date, event types, and tags

  • VMS and mobile Apps are available to monitor remotely

Personnel Control

  • The face recognition camera can capture the face and store the captured face image information

  • Face comparison technology can automatically control people entering and leaving the hotel

  • Video playback helps obtain the video file related to the face according to the face comparison information

Vehicle Control

  • License plate recognition technology can capture the vehicle and store the captured vehicle image information

  • Video playback helps obtain the video file related to the license plate according to the license plate comparison information

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