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Customized Variable Optical Attenuator, 0~15dB, LC/UPC
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Customized Variable Optical Attenuator, 0~15dB, LC/UPC


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S$719.04 (Incl. GST)


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Installation:Fit in FMT04-CH1U chassis.

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Variable Optical Attenuator 0~15dB, LC/UPC, Pluggable Module

FS card variable optical attenuator is an online attenuation amount adjustment device. It is applied to the situation of optical power required strict control in network, which the most common is cooperate in DWDM network.

It adopts MEMS technology and could continually and variably attenuate the light intensity in the optical fiber transmission and could help simulate distance or actual attenuation in the fiber optic testing work by inserting a calibrated attenuation into the link.
Product Specification
Operating Wavelength1290~1330nm/ 1520~1580nm Bandwidth ±20nm
Insertion Loss <1.5dB Attenuation Range 0~15dB
Isolation(min) ≥30dB Return Loss ≥50dB
PDL ≤0.05dB PMD ≤0.25dB
Adjustment Accuracy 0.1dB HousingPluggable Module(Occupies 1 slot in FMT chassis)
Transmission Power ≤500mwPower Consumption 3W

Quality Certifications
  • This product is in conformity with ISO14001. It is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product provides the lifetime warranty, which aims to reflect our greatest sincerity. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product is in conformity with ISO9001. This system is valid to a company engaging in development, production and supply service of fiber optical products. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product is RCM compliant, which indicates compliance with electrical safety, EMC, EME and telecommunications legislative requirements. Please contact us to learn more.
  • REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product fully accords with the WEEE, which is an environmental regulation of the European Union and aims to enhance the improvement of collection, treatment and recycling of products at the end of their life. Please contact us to learn more.
Product Highlights
Variable Optical Attenuator
  • Used to control the optical power in a fiber
  • Online attenuation adjustment makes business more safe
  • High multi channel attenuation stability
Chassis & Accessories Variable Optical Attenuator

  • Tilt Connectors for Protecting Eyes

    Tilt angle to avoid laser direct to operator's eyes for protecting eyes

    Chassis & Accessories Tilt Connectors for Protecting Eyes
  • Captive Screws

    Easy to install or remove without any tools

    Chassis & Accessories 
Captive Screws

Advanced MEMS Technology to Balance Signal Strengths in DWDM Network

A MEMS mirror may be configured such that a beam from an input fiber bounces off the mirror and into an output fiber. By slightly tilting the mirror, the input and output fibers are decoupled and the signal is attenuated.

Chassis & Accessories Advanced MEMS Technology to Balance Signal Strengths in DWDM Network

Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

As a part of multi-service transport system, hot-swappable plug-in VOA card only occupies 1 slot in the 1U/2U/4U chassis.

Chassis & Accessories Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

Remarkable Concentration and Manageability

FS Multi-Service Transport (FMT) System is engineered to support low-cost DWDM solutions for high-capacity optical links and conducive to save cabinet space.

S5850-32S2Q, 32-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Plus Switch, 32 x 10Gb SFP+, with 2 x 40Gb QSFP+ Uplinks


FMT04-CH1U, 1U Managed Chassis Unloaded Platform, Supports up to 4x EDFA/OEO/OLP Card with Accessories


FMT4DL-OEO10GSFP, 4 Channels WDM Transponder (Converter), 8 SFP/SFP+ Slots


FMT-OLP2, 1+1 Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP)


Full Set Products for FMT Series

Including chassis, accessories, active and passive cards for your various needs.

Chassis & Accessories Full Set Products for FMT Series

Optical Transport Network Family
Chassis & Accessories Optical Transport Network Family
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  • Q:

    What are the advantages of VOA? By C***e on 10/23/2018


    The advantage of VOA is that it can manually set the attenuation value, or set the output power value system to automatically match the corresponding attenuation value. And with the FMT chassis, the VOA can be monitored and managed at any time. By J***o on 10/23/2018

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