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Can the VOA work as all dwdm channel equalizer and power regulator when put before MUX device? Is there such a device?So for dual-fiber link we will need 2 pcs of dual channel VOA? we dont want to adjust 1310 wave, we want it to be unaffected. is it possible? Do you have any other tips or tricks that can make the whole wdm experience easier to live with? At this point we are open for suggestions

By N***a on 06/17/2020

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  • Hello, the answers to your questions are as follows: 1. VOA (# 13554) is a kind of attenuator, which can be used in a WDM scheme. According to the specific situation, if necessary, you need to add the attenuator. 2. You can choose 2 pcs # 13554 products as a dual-channel to use, if you must need duplex channel VOA, this requires further confirmation with our factory; 3. VOA (# 13554) can be used for single-mode(1310nm), it’s okay; 4. You mean you want an OTN scheme? If so, you need to confirm the following relevant information: (1) What is the distance between every span? And how about the link loss@1310nm and @1550nm? Fiber type, G652, G655, or others? Dual fiber or single fiber? (2) What's the data rate between each span? 1G or 10G or other? And how many businesses do you plan to transmit? (3) Is there any plan to expand and upgrade in the future? (4) Is there network protection, monitoring, or other custom needs, such as business, line and equipment protection, line, board, spectrum, and traffic monitoring, etc.?By H***e on 06/18/2020
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