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PicOS® for H100 InfiniBand Solution

High-performance, scalability, and security for HPC

PicOS® and AmpCon™ for NVIDIA® InfiniBand H100 Network


Based on the NVIDIA® H100 GPU, along with PicOS® software and AmpCon™ management platform, the FS H100 Infiniband solution is tailored according to the network topology of HPC architecture, including infiniband network, management network, and storage network, to meet various business needs.

InfiniBand Network

Powered by NVIDIA® H100 GPU and InfiniBand switches, the Infiniband network features ultra-low latency and high bandwidth, ensuring lossless transmission with flow control and CRC redundancy checks.

Management Network

The FS switches can utilize the advanced PicOS® software and AmpCon™ management platform feature sets to empower customers to efficiently provision, monitor, manage, preventatively troubleshoot, and maintain the HPC infrastructure, realizing higher utilization and reducing overall opex.

Storage Network

FS PicOS® switches support the BGP protocol with powerful routing control capabilities while ensuring the optimal forwarding path and low-latency forwarding status of the storage network. Meanwhile, it is flexible and can scale to meet specific capacity and bandwidth requirements.

Product List

InfiniBand Network

QM9700/9790 InfiniBand Switches



ConnectX®-6/7 InfiniBand Adapters




800G/400G InfiniBand Transceivers



Fiber Cables


Management Network

AmpCon™ Management Platform


PicOS® Switches





Optical Transceiver Module





Fiber Cables




Storage Network

PicOS® Switches


ConnectX®-6 Ethernet Adapters


Optical Transceiver Module


Fiber Cables


More Resilient & Efficient Network Operations at a Lower TCO

With PicOS®, deliver highly resilient, highly reliable, programmable networks that are leaner and more scalable than their monolithic predecessors.

Full Interoperability

Supports OpenFlow, SNMP, and gNMI protocols, provides API application programming interfaces, delivers interoperability with Cisco and other third-party infrastructure for progressive migration and upgrade.

Network Virtualization

Use an open solution with spine-leaf arrays to support flexible and scalable virtualization architectures without Cisco chassis solutions.

Hardened Security

Enables complex ACL without exhausting TCAM resources to flexibly control network traffic, ensuring data security without sacrificing hardware performance.

Network Flexibility

CrossFlow™ technology enables SDN/OpenFlow traffic with production Layer 2/Layer 3 traffic on the same switch ports, forming Open Intent-based Networking (OIBN) for enhanced network service flexibility.

Automate End-to-End Network Lifecycle Management

Prevent misconfigurations and downtime with end-to-end networking lifecycle management, complete with automated provisioning, maintenance, compliance checking, and upgrades.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Scale easily and securely from anywhere with automated provisioning and policy enforcement.

Configuration Management

Push updates, patches, and bug fixes to a single or group of switches to save labor, prevent downtime.

Backups & Compliance

Automate configuration backups, operation logs, and compliance checks against a “golden config” with intelligent rollback to minimize errors.

Switch Visibility

Provides detailed inventory of all switches, including hardware details, software version, configuration and more.

Agentless Automation

Write Ansible Playbooks to create and schedule customized workflows with easy-to-read reports.

PicOS-V Pre-configuration

AmpCon™ can be pre-configured with PicOS-V in virtualization scenario and then moved to the data center.

Explore the Benefits of H100 InfiniBand Network

  • Unified Management Platform

    PicOS® with AmpCon™ enables unified configuration, monitoring and maintenance of management and storage networks, eliminating costly downtime and time-consuming manual tasks.

  • Powerful InfiniBand Architecture

    FS provides highly reliable InfiniBand network architectures and professional technical services, delivering customized network designs and product lists within 48 hours.

  • Cost-effective Solution

    By partnering with NVIDIA®, FS can deliver original products such as InfiniBand switches and adapters, cutting costs by 30% through its rich product ecosystem.

  • Top-notch R&D and Testing

    FS has a first-class R&D center and uses NVIDIA® MQM9790 switches, ConnectX®-7 network cards and other products to build a test platform for full load transmission testing to ensure stability.

  • Partition Design

    The network partition design (computing, storage, in-band management, and out-of-band management) helps isolate different business areas and reduce traffic complexity.

  • Flexible Scalability

    The Spine-Leaf layer 2 network architecture meets current network operation requirements while providing flexibility and reliability for future business expansion.


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