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8mW Standard 1550nm Direct Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter with AGC
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8mW Standard 1550nm Direct Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter with AGC

8mW Standard 1550nm Direct Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter with AGC

8mW Standard 1550nm Direct Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter with AGC

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FS P/N: ADMT-55TX-08
US$  800.00
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8mW Standard 1550nm Direct Modulation CATV Optical Transmitter with AGC

Direct Modulation Transmitter is designed for analog CATV system, it has highest cost performance in CATV long haul, Large distribution networks. It uses DFB laser diode as optical source, designed with pre-distortion circuit, can get higher CNR value. Meanwhile, it can guarantee good CTB and CSO parameter values, and its SBS value is ≤ 12dB.

By built-in WDM, multiplex the inter-cut optical signal and the main optical signal, then output. After setting required optical difference, the perfect adjustable optical attenuation function can automatically control the inserted optical signal, according to the main optical signal, realize inter-cut system full automatic adjustment.

19"1U Standard Frame LCD display control in the front panel Multiple choices of optical power output(97-18dBm) Patented pre-distortion circuit design with higher CNR value 45-870MHz RF bandwidthSBS adjustable and AGC design
1550nm Optical fiber transmission system Front-end program broadcast systemConstruct the CATV networkLocal value-added services inter-cutOverlay NetworkHigh quality of transmission of video, audio data
Front View
Back View
In the front panel, there is LCD working condition indicator light and alarm light. When it does not work properly, alarm light will glitter.
1. Plug in the power supply, if it works properly, the digital panel will say “READY: KEY OFF”, and flash red light.
2. To ensure safe operation of optical transmitter, the power supply has delaying functions:
After boot with key, laser power supply will not work until after several seconds.
Digital panel will display the machine's model and Optical output power.
3. Operator can use SELECT (Function) button to know main working parameters. In the front panel of the LCD screen, you can see status information according to the following sequence.
4. Any status information of the machine (refer to the chart above) shows abnormal, it will trigger the alarm. Microprocessor will cut off the laser power supply, and digital panel will show the cause of the problem.
5. When the LCD screen shows "INTERLOCK", and the red light glitters simultaneously, it means the connector of Distal lockingjoints /alarming relay connector in the back panel is disconnected. By reconnecting it and cutting off the power, you can reset it.
6. High RF input electrical level will trigger the alarm (red light glitters) and you can reset it by cutting off the power.
Working Guidance
Main technical parameters
  Model Single Output
Optical Index Optical power (mW) 2-10
Optical wavelength (nm) 1550±5
Reflection loss (dB) >60
POWER (mW) Optical output power Display working Optical output power
TEMP (°C) Laser temperature Display working temperature
BISA (mA) Bias current Display laser bias current
VHEATINJ (0.… A) Working current Display working current
NO: 040 Date Display date of production
  Fiber connector FC/APC, SC/APC
Link Index CNR (dB) >53
CTB (dB) <-65
CSO (dB) <-63
SBS suppression (dBm) <12
RF Index Operation bandwidth (Mhz) 860(1000Mhz) Optional
RF input level (dBmV) 20
Flatness (dB) ±0.75
Reflection loss (dB) >14
Other Index Network management interface RS232
Power supply (V) 85~265
Power dissipation (W) <40
Dimension (mm) 385×370×40
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