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This picture is about P-AC-EE-B1.
This picture is about P-AC-EE-B1.

AmpCon™ Management Platform for PicOS® Switches, Support Remote Deployment and Automate Network Management


Zero-Touch Provisioning Configuration & License Management Backups & Compliance

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AmpCon™ Management Platform
AmpCon™ Management Platform
Experience the easiest way to manage your PicOS® network now with AmpCon™ Platform

AmpCon™ Management Platform for PicOS® Switches

AmpCon™ is a management platform that automates Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), deployment, configuration and lifecycle management for PicOS® Software Switches. It provides a Web UI and is deployed as a software appliance that runs in a virtual machine (VM) running in the data center or cloud. AmpCon™ supports remote deployment and scalability for 1000s of PicOS® Software Switches.

16 GB
Hard Disk
100 GB
Clock Speed
2.0 GHz or faster
Number of Cores
4 CPU cores
Quality Certifications
To get the detailed certification, please go to the Compliance Center.
Automate End-to-end Network Lifecycle Management
Prevent misconfigurations and downtime with end-to-end networking lifecycle management, complete with automated provisioning, maintenance, compliance checking, and upgrades.
Raise IT Productivity & Accelerate Service Delivery
Automate the drudgery of common network tasks freeing up staff to focus on objectives that drive the business.
Config Backup and Rollback
Configuration Updates
RMA Replacements
Scheduled Software Upgrades
Custom Workflows
Switch Visibility
Powerful, Agentless Automation with Ansible Playbooks
AmpCon™ provides common features for daily network operations and supports custom workflows using Ansible playbooks for scheduled tasks and easy-to-read reports.
Simplify Deployment and Configuration of Remote Switches

With Push-button deployment capability, AmpCon™ simplifies the installation and configuration of large numbers of remote switches running the PicOS® network operating system.

Using AmpCon™ to Manage PicOS-V Switches

When integrated with PicOS-V, AmpCon™ allows pre-configuration in a virtualized scenario before purchasing PicOS®. Post-purchase, configurations can be migrated to the customer's environment.

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