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"144017" is no longer available online, but still supported by FS. For more details, please refer to the End of Sale Policy.
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    FHD MTP® to LC Cassette, 24 Fibers OM4, Type A, 0.35dB max #57024

    Up to 96F in 1U FHD Enclosures

    Fully Compatible with All FHD Enclosures

    4 Cassettes Fit into 1U, Up to 96 Fibers

    US Conec MTP® Adapter and Corning ClearCurve® Fiber

    Offer Rear 8/12/24-Fiber MTP® Adapter(s) Routed to Front LC/SC/MDC Adapters

    US$ 149.00

    361 In US stock, Get It By Sep.29498 In Global stock, Get It By Oct.5

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