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"11154" is no longer available online, but still supported by FS. For more details, please refer to the End of Sale Policy.
The similar product is recommended as below for your reference.
  • FOLS-202 Handheld Fiber Optical Light Source (850/1300nm) with 2.5mm FC/SC Connector #97569

    FC, SC / MMF@50/125μm / FP Emitter

    Stable Multi-wavelength and Single Mode Laser Output

    Membrane Touch Buttons Makes It More Durable and Easier to Store

    Protective Case Protects the Power Meter from Being Damaged by Falling, Shocking and Wearing

    LCD Backlight for Easy Operation in Darker Environments

    US$ 179.00

    9 In US stock, Get It By Oct.329 In Global stock, Get It By Oct.7

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