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FS.COM 100G Muxponder for More Flexible Network Deployment

FS.COM 100G Muxponder for More Flexible Network Deployment

By FS.COMJuly 25, 2017

July 25th, FS.COM News - FS.COM has expanded its FMT optical transport system with a multi-protocol, multi-rate muxponder capable of supporting 100G applications. The FMT muxponder supports a variety of pluggable interface combinations, including ten 10G SFP+ and two 40G client interface, and a 100G CFP line interface.

The past few years have witnessed that only higher speed Ethernet like 40G or 100G can meet the growing demands. Some large data centers have already switched to 40G and 100G in the past years, although it has not yet been widely applied. And we can predict that 100G will occupy the major market share in the coming years, and 2017 might be the breakout year of 100G technologies.

Since many enterprises’ network still have a large amount of 10G and 40G ports, a flexible 100G muxponder makes for an ideal solution. To keep in line with the market trend and satisfy customers’ need to introduce 100G solutions into their network, FS.COM self-developed 100G muxponder has debuted this year, which is an efficient means to combine 10G services into a single 100G signal or to accommodate a mix of 40G and 10G services.

/muxponder mode

FS.COM 100G muxponder offers pluggable interfaces to combine an arbitrary mix of 10G or 40G services into a single 100G service on the line side without the need to pre-plan the network or replace hardware for different mixes. And the 100G CFP-based 100G aggregated interface allows our 100G muxponder to cover a wide variety of applications ranging from multi-protocol aggregation over a dedicated fiber using 100GBase-LR4 or 100GBase-ER4 CFPs to complex DWDM networks employing metro or coherent CFP pluggable transceivers. The supported clients include 10GbE LAN/WAN, 8G/10G FC, STM64/OC-192, OTU2/OTU2e, 40GbE LAN, OTU3, 100GbE and OTU4.

100G Muxponder

Fitting perfectly to today’s network challenges and applications and supporting our customer’s future needs effectively, the 100G muxponder, along with other products in our FMT platform, was developed to offer higher networking performance to our customers with better management and intelligence. Remaining committed to being customer-oriented, FS.COM will launch more and more excellent products to better serve our customers in the future.

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