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RMA Solution

There is a RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) department in FiberStore. And in our RMA Department, we can easily create, organize, process and track your returned orders. Once a RMA number is created, indicating that FiberStore has received your return (or exchange) orders. In FiberStore, as the RMA order moves through each stage of the fulfillment process, a Time Stamp will be logged and displayed for tracking and for future references. Reports on RMA can be generated to show which products that had the highest return rate due to defects or customer dissatisfaction. This allows us to attain deeper understanding of RMA orders and customers like you.

So What Functionality does FiberStore's RMA Solution Offer? Here's What:

  • Track all RMA orders from customer accounts/sales orders
  • View the real-time status of each RMA order
  • Keep track of all RMA orders that require receiving shipment from the customer
  • Keep track of the item quantity received, damage during shipment, and other customizable data
  • Access details such as date, time, and the employee who processed the RMA order
  • Notify automatically the shipping/receiving department to expect an RMA receipt
  • Issue a refund or fulfill an exchange order
  • Adjust your inventory
  • Send email notifications to update customers

The value of our solution is obvious. Sourcing it means making the best business investment ever. If you require more info on FiberStore's RMA solution, the best way to access it is to Contact us.

Returns & Exchange Policy

While the Consumer Guarantee Act and Fair Trading Act provide the basis for FiberStore’s Returns & Exchange policy, we in fact go above and beyond the expectation of these two statutory laws. FiberStore has a 60 days return & exchange policy guarantee with a proof of purchase. Within 60 days no matter what reasons, customers can return or exchange items to FiberStore(some special custom goods can be repaired only).It's this policy that provides you peace of mind while shopping at FiberStore.

FiberStore is always responsible for all goods we provide! Most products in FiberStore enjoy a five-year warranty(such as our transceivers, CWDM/DWDM mux/demux, Media converters, however, exclude the cables), for quality reason of our goods, customer can enjoy an exchange service within 5 years, not only 60 days.

Return Fees

No matter your are not satisfied with our product, or you want to exchange for something better, within 60 days, you can choose to exchange or return the items, in this case, shipping on both ways are free.
For quality reasons, items which are under warranty , can be repaired or exchanged, and in this way, the shipping on both ways are free.

Besides above two cases, customers should pay for the shipping fees.

RMA Procedure

Please call +1-425-226-2035 to get a RMA authorization number first. We reserve the right to reject returns without an authorization number.

1) Put the original packing slip in the package or make your own, including:
  • RMA number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Order number
  • Model and serial number of equipment
  • Reason for return or exchange
  • Write what you need if you want to exchange
2) Pack your return securely in the original packaging or your own packaging.
3) Use the return-address label printed on the packing slip or make your own and tape it to the package.

4) Once we have received and processed your return or exchange we will send an email to notify you.

Ship To:

If you want to exchange or return your item,pls contact your sales representative directly, or just email to to get more imformation.
We will deal with the Exchange or Return in time.

Once goods have been received and tested we will return the replacement item to you within 10 days of receipt of the faulty item. Please note that any discrepancies between your PO and the goods received must be flagged up within 2 days of receipt of the items.

Unauthorized Return

All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Fiberstore will not accept any return without the RMA number. The package will be returned at the sender’s expense.

We suggest you read the complete return policy before you make your purchase.


February 2, 2012

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