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Data Center

MTP MPO Cassettes for 40G/100G Breakout Fiber Cabling

High Density MTP MPO Cassettes for 40G/100G Breakout Fiber Cabling

FS Official 2018-09-20

When building fiber optic cabling networks, MTP/MPO fiber optic cabling system is one of the most popular choices among Data Center operators, due to the compact size and high capacity of the MTP/MPO connector. MTP/MPO system can support 40G, 100G and higher data rate transmissions. And MTP/MPO cassettes are devices commonly used to achieve migration from lower data rates to higher ones like 40G and 100G. This video introduces how to use FHD MTP/MPO cassettes to complete 40G/100G migration.

MTP/MPO cassettes are breakout cabling modules that provide connectivity between 8, 12 or 24 fibers MTP/MPO connectors and 2 fibers connectors, like LC and SC. FS offers FHD MTP cassettes with 8 fibers, 12 fibers, and 24 fibers, providing easy breakout cabling from 40G to 10G, 100G to 25G, or 100G to 10G. Each FHD MTP cassette is equipped with high-quality Corning fiber and US Conec MTP connector, ensuring high-performance light transmission. These MTP cassettes can be used in many different fiber patch panels or fiber enclosures, such as the 1U rack Mount modular fiber enclosure panel, 1U rack mount fiber patch panel, 1U FHD rack mount fiber enclosure, FHD wall mount fiber enclosure, etc. The modular design of these MTP cassettes enables easy configuration and maintenance on FHD series patch panel and enclosures, especially in high-density fiber cabling environment.

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