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Long-haul 10G DWDM Solution for Business Expansion with Link Protection

  • Internet Service
  • Australia


High capacity and stable data transmission between data centers are of vital importance in enterprises to support the growing demands for data transmitted over a long-haul link. Recently, due to business development needs, one of FS’s clients in Australia needed to build a multiplex 10G long-haul transmission system between the data centers of their company headquarters and the newly established branch, and the total distance is about 180km.


Optical signals will become weaker as the transmission distance gets longer. For such a long-distance transmission, to overcome the dispersion, attenuation and signal loss during the data transmission and improve the system reliability became vitally important.

Due to the long distance between the two sites, any link problem would cause countless losses as well as operation and maintenance problems. So the clients paid great attention to uninterrupted transmission service.

The business of the clients' company has been developed rapidly, and more services will be needed in the near future. Therefore, this DWDM network solution should not only meet today's requirements but also can be easily upgraded to meet future needs.


In this point-to-point DWDM data center interconnection architecture, 40CH DWDM Mux Demux cards were used in each site respectively to multiplex optical signals and make full use of existing fiber resources. And 24 channels of the DWDM Mux Demux were used for present data transmission, which can achieve up to 240G capacity transmission. And the other 16 channels were spared for future network upgrading.
As the whole line reached almost 180km and it would produce a very high dispersion for the network, so we adopted DCMs, pre-amplifiers, booster amplifiers and other optical transmission devices to adjust the optical power of the whole link and ensured a high transmission quality.
Due to the clients' strict requirements for stable link performance, link protection measures were required for the whole link. This solution adopted 1+1 OLP (optical line protection) to keep a stable link transmission by real-time monitoring in the state of the signals in the main and standby fiber core optical path, and it can be automatically switched to the backup link in case of failure of the major link.

M6200-OLP2, 1+1 Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP)

US$ 509.00

M6200-D2160M, 40 Channels 100GHz C21-C60 Dual Fiber DWDM Mux and Demux with Monitor Port, Pluggable Module, LC/UPC

US$ 1,229.00

M6200-20BA, 20dBm Output DWDM EDFA Booster Amplifier, 16dB Gain

US$ 1,829.00

M6200-25PA, 25dB Gain DWDM EDFA Pre-Amplifier, 16dBm Output

US$ 1,899.00

M6200-DCM40, 40KM DCF-based Passive Dispersion Compensation Module

US$ 699.00

Customer Benefits


    Ultra-large capacity for future network expansion:make full use of 24 channels can reach up to 240G capacity of the whole link, and the rest 16 channels were enough for business expansion, which can fulfill the demands of the next generation of network upgrading in the future.


    Stable link performance for assured business transmission:all core units, power supply, network management unit and OLP are 1+1 redundant to protect the whole link and ensure stable data transmission. When one of them is crashed, the other will be automatically used for data transmission.


    Simple operation & maintenance:this solution adopted FS M6200 highly-integrated multi-service WDM transmission platform with pluggable network units, saving much rack space with low power consumption. Additionally, the platform used a unified and simple operating system that could reduce maintenance difficulty and increase the availability of the overall architecture. And the user-friendly operation interface has brought an excellent network experience for our clients.

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