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Pre-terminated Copper Ethernet Trunk Cable Solution

Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable Solution | FS

FS Official Jun 14, 2018

FS pre-terminated copper trunk cables are perfect solutions in large infrastructures with high-density cross-connection and patching systems. Compared with other regular cables, these copper trunk cables are pre-terminated with RJ45 jacks or connectors, providing an easily installed and cost-effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels. Conventionally, Cat5e trunk cable, Cat6 trunk cable, and Cat6a trunk cable are commonly used as copper trunk cables during the process of cabling.

Pre-terminated copper trunk cables in FS are equipped with braided mesh sleeves for better airflow and network environment. Number markers are clearly seen near the connectors for an easier management. In addition, all the trunk cables have passed the fluke test, which ensures a higher performance. You can customize cooper trunk cables in FS according to your needs for cables types, shielding types, cable counts, cable jackets, cable lengths, etc. Even for pre-terminated methods of copper trunk cables, FS provides three types: plug to plug and jack to jack

Notably, for such a high-density cabling system, cable management is also an indispensable part that you should take into consideration. FS pre-terminated copper trunk cables can work well with all kinds of cable managers, such as 1U metal horizontal cable manager with D-rings, 24 ports blank keystone patch panel, and 24 ports Cat6 unshielded feed-through patch panel.

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