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How to Use Optical Power Meter and Fiber Optic Light Source

How to Use Optical Power Meter and Fiber Optic Light Source

FS Official Jul 24, 2018

As the optical power should fall within the scope of the device’s requirement, it is necessary to measure it in advance so as to ensure the signal transmission performance in fiber optic network. Fiber optic power meter and light source usually come in pairs when testing the fiber optic cable on its optical power. Then how to use optical power meter and fiber optic light source? How to use them for insertion loss of optical cable?

An optical power meter is made up of a calibrated sensor that measures amplifier circuit and a display. It is a fiber optic testing device that can measure the power of fiber optic equipment or the power of an optical signal passed through the fiber cable. Light source is a device that provides a continuous wave (CW) and stable source of energy for attenuation measurements. Nowadays fiber optic light source offers multiple wavelengths such as 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nanometers and combines light emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers inside it. LEDs are typically used for multimode fiber, while lasers are used for single mode fiber applications.

As for using fiber optic light source and power meter for fiber optic cable testing, connect the transmitting end of the fiber to the optical light source and the receiving end to the power meter. The light source sends a wavelength of light down the fiber. The power meter, at the other end of the cable, reads that light or optical power level, and determines the amount of signal loss. Remember to set the same wavelength on the optical power meter and the light source. Get more details about the operation of optical power meter and fiber optic light source in this video.

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