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How to Make Full Use of OM5 Fiber in 40G/100G Transmission?

How to Make Full Use of OM5 Fiber in 40G/100G Transmission?

FS Official 2018-06-21

Wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) or OM5, is a new multimode fiber (MMF) type that is designed to support wavelengths in the 850nm to 953nm range. OM5 provides a new cabling solution for 40G and 100G transmission by using SWDM (shortwave wavelength division multiplexing) technology.

Highlights of OM5 Fiber Cable

The first highlight of OM5 is that it ensures backwards compatibility with OM3 and OM4 cabling since the specifications at 850 nm are the same. The second one is that this fiber greatly reduces the fiber count in 40G and 100G SWDM4 cabling. 40G and 100G transceivers working over OM4 MTP fiber cable use at least 8 fibers (100GBASE-SR10 uses 20 fibers), but 40/100G SWDM4 transceivers will operate only over two OM5 fibers.

om5 cable2

FS OM5 Cable Solution

Lime green is the selected color code for OM5 fiber optic cable jacket. It has the same core diameter of legacy OM3 and OM4 fiber, but it can support longer wavelengths above 850 nm. FS OM5 fiber optic patch cables can be customized based on customers’ specific applications. All our OM5 fiber cables are guaranteed by various tests to be high quality.

fs high quality om5 cable

The connectors on each end can be made as same or different LC, SC, FC, ST, etc. connectors. And the cable length can be provided from less than 1 meter to more than 100 meters, which will well meet the needs for 400m transmission of 40G SWDM4 QSFP+ module and 100m transmission of 100G SWDM4 QSFP28 module, as well as the links on the same rack or row. Also the PVC/LSZH/OFNP cable jackets are at your choice depending on your deployment environment.

fs customized om5 cable

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