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High-Density 1/10G Pre-terminated Copper Cabling Solution

  • Telecommunication
  • Austria


With the increasing demands for speed and reliability, the network cabling structure is becoming more and more complicated. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to mix and match copper cable with fiber on the same patch panel, or in the same rack, especially when optimizing rack space and reducing installation time is vital.


The client has two rows of rack cabinets in their generator room, with one network rack and three server racks per row. They want to deploy a high-density 1/10G cabling infrastructure with both pre-terminated copper and fiber cables.

The connection between the two rows should be achieved by MTP cabling with the right polarity. And the pre-terminated copper cable and MTP trunk cable should co-exist within the same rack to link 1G and 10G devices respectively.


Considering the demand for high performance and efficient space management, FS delivered a network solution with a pre-terminated copper cabling and MTP cabling together with our FHD cable management accessories. All FHD accessories are modular-designed which help speed the deployment and simplify cable management. We also adopt 1G S3900-24T4F switch, 10G S5800-8TF12S switch to deliver a 1/10G transmission in the server racks. For network racks, 10G S5850-48T4Q and N5850-48S4Q switch are applied to handle enormous data demands. This solution also delivered space-optimization by matching pre-terminated copper cable and MTP cabling in the same patch panel.
The 6 Jack to 6 Jack Cat5e pre-terminated copper trunk cables are used to ensure quick and easy cable installations at-site for reliable performance. Together, Jack to Jack trunk cable installed into FHD multimedia modular panel on both ends greatly improves cabling flexibility.
As for the MTP fiber cabling, we use high-density MTP cables and modular-designed FHD fiber enclosures and cassettes to achieve high reliability connection in limited time and cost. Type A MTP cassettes, Type A MTP-12 trunk cables, and Type AF MTP cassettes are applied to keep the right polarity and integrity of the whole connectivity.

3m (10ft) 6 Plug to 6 Plug Cat5e Unshielded (UTP) PVC CMR Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable

US$ 28.00

5m (16ft) MTP®-12 (Female) to MTP®-12 (Female) OM4 Multimode Elite Trunk Cable, 12 Fibers, Type A, Plenum (OFNP), Magenta

US$ 84.00

FHD 6-Port Multimedia Copper/Fiber Modular Panel with 6x Plastic Clips

US$ 17.00

S5850-48T4Q, 48-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Plus Switch, 48 x 10GBASE-T, with 4 x 40Gb QSFP+, Support MLAG

US$ 4,729.00

S5800-8TF12S, 12-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Plus Switch,12 x 10Gb SFP+ with 8 x Gigabit Combo

US$ 2,149.00

S3700-24T4F, 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet L2+ Fully Managed Switch, 24 x Gigabit RJ45, with 4 x 1Gb SFP Uplinks, Fanless

US$ 189.00

FHD 2x MTP®-12 Cassette, 24 Fibers OS2 Single Mode, Type A, 2x 12F MTP® to 12x LC Duplex (Blue), 0.35dB max

US$ 179.00

FHD MTP®-12 Cassette, 12 Fibers OS2 Single Mode, Type AF, MTP® to 6x LC Duplex (Blue), 0.35dB max

US$ 88.00


FS provides the pre-terminated cabling system together with MTP cabling to help our customers save valuable time & rack space, making mix and match fiber and copper cabling easier than ever. The pre-terminated cabling system plays an important role in deploying a reliable, easy-to-use copper trunking system, which is a perfect cabling solution in large infrastructures and backbone applications.

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