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Good morning. I need to do a link aggregation (trunk) between 2 FS S5850-24S52Q using this converter module. The problem's that i don't have link between two physical 40G ports. I tried to change the speed of the 40G ports but it says: Unsupport port speed ability. How can i solve? Thanks a lot.

Par G***o le 04/05/2022

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For this problem, It is necessary to split the 40G port into 4*10G ports and restart the switch, then use the conversion module and 10G module on this port to interconnect with the peer 10G port and configure link aggregation. The command for port splitting is as follows: FS(config)# split interface eth-0-25 10giga. And please note that you need to restart the switch to take effect after configuring. Hope this helps. Any further needs, please feel free to contact me. Par FS.com le 09/05/2022

Par FS.com le 09/05/2022