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FHD Series Patching Solution





Optimize Data Center Space With Innovative Cable Management

FS.COM FHD series patching solution is designed to address data center requirements for increasingly higher density, delivering simplified management and easier MACs while helping you maximize return on assets and minimize downtime.

  • High-Density Port Counts

    Satisfying high-density port count demands, supporting up to 96 fibers in 1U, 192 fibers in 2U and 288 fibers in 4U

  • Easier Fiber Access

    Front and back doors enable easier access to fiber optic patch cables without needing to move the drawer

  • Flexible MACs

    Drawers slide out into locked positions for easy MACs, and house cassettes or FAPs, trunks, connectors, and patch cords

  • Innovative Management

    Ensures proper cable routing, bend radius control for all patch cords, interconnect cables, and trunk cables

FHD Series Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Providing high density flexible system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in data center.

FHD-FCE Solution

Fiber Enclosures


MTP Cassettes

The most cost-effective & simplest way to build a high-density fiber patching.

Learn More About FHD Series Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

  • High Density

    Providing the scalability to increase density

  • Flexible Mounting Options

    Compatible enough to hold FHD FAPs or MTP-LC cassettes

  • User-Friendly Slide-Out Drawer

    Easier for MACs or cable management

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Housing & Doors Design

    Better protect the fibers from damage & dust

  • Optional Fiber Splice Trays

    Ideal for storage of spliced fiber pigtails

1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Managing up to 96 Fibers in 1U Rack

FHD-FWME Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Providing a convenient convergence point for fiber interconnecting and splicing in wall mount applications.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Housing

    Protecting fibers with sufficient cover

  • Handy-Installation Design

    Providing easy to management environment for fiber cables

  • Optional HD MTP Cassettes

    Reducing installation time by 75%

  • 8/12 Groups of MTP-LC Patching

    Convenient for fast MTP/MPO to LC Cabling

  • Ultra High Density Design

    Increasing cable capacity in less rack space

High Density Loaded Options for FHD Series Enclosure

FS.COM also offers a series of optical splice tray, fiber adapter panels and MTP-LC cassettes for multi-style mounting and high-density cabling in data centers. In addition, different types of cable managers are also available for orderly cable management.

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