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40G Data Center Structured 

Fiber Cabling Solution

DC Cabling Technical Team
DCI Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Metro WDM System

FMT Multi-service Platform

Management System

Flexible Ring Architecture for 

Robust and Large-Scale

Optical Transport

OTN Technical Team
Senior Telecommunication

Free Project Support

In-Building Wireless

Power Over Ethernet

Networking & Security

Secure Data Center Design and Deploymnet

FS Makes it Faster, More Reliable

And More Efficient

Enterprise Technical Team
Network Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Multi-brand Compatibility

Coded & Tested In-house

Design Consistency

FS Box V2.0 - Data Centre Tool Kit



Optics Technical Team
Senior Hardware Design


Ethernet Switches

1G Switches

S3800 Series Datasheet

S3800 Series EFM Configuration

S3800 Series L2TP Configuration

S3800 Series QinQ Operation

S3800 Series Port-Car Configuration

S3800 Series Shutdown-Control Configuration

S3800 Series MLD Snooping

S3800 Series Stack Configuration

S5800-48F4S Switch Datasheet

S5800-48F4S Switch FAQ

S5800-48F4S Switch Installation Guide

S5800-48F4S Practical Application for Netherlands ...

S5800-48F4S Performance Test Report


S5800-48F4S Basic Configuration

S5800-48F4S BGP Configuration

S5800-48F4S Device Management Configuration

S5800-48F4S Ethernet Configuration

S5800-48F4S IP Routing Configuration

S5800-48F4S IP Service Configuration

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Multicast Configuration

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Routing Configuration

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Security Configuration

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Service Configuration

S5800-48F4S MPLS Configuration

S5800-48F4S Multicast Configuration

S5800-48F4S Network Management Configuration

S5800-48F4S Reliability Configuration

S5800-48F4S Security Configuration

S5800-48F4S Traffic Management Configuration

S5800-48F4S VPN Configuration

S5800-48F4S Basic CLI

S5800-48F4S BGP CLI

S5800-48F4S Device Management CLI

S5800-48F4S Ethernet CLI

S5800-48F4S IP Routing CLI

S5800-48F4S IP Service CLI

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Multicast CLI

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Routing CLI

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Security CLI

S5800-48F4S IPv6 Service CLI

S5800-48F4S MPLS CLI

S5800-48F4S Multicast CLI

S5800-48F4S Network Management CLI

S5800-48F4S Reliability CLI

S5800-48F4S Security CLI

S5800-48F4S Traffic Management CLI

S5800-48F4S VPN CLI

PoE CLI Configuration Instructions

PoE Switch Web Management Manual

PoE+ Series Switches User Munual

PoE+ Series Switches Datasheet

FSOS PoE+ Series-8 Ports-v2.0-2017.09.10

FSOS PoE+ Series-24 Ports-v2.0-2017.09.10

FSOS PoE+ Series-48 Ports-v2.0-2017.10.10

S2800-24T4F Switch Datasheet

S2800-24T4F Switch User Manual

S2800-24T4F Switch Software Configuration Guide.zi...

S2800-24T4F Switch Getting Started Operation

S2800-24T4F Switch Ethernet Port Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Port Mirroring Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Port Utilization Alarm

S2800-24T4F Switch Link Aggregation Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Port Isolation Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch VLAN Operation

S2800-24T4F Switch GVRP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch ARP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch IGMP Snooping

S2800-24T4F Switch GMRP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch DHCP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch ACL Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Storm-control Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch QoS Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch RSTP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch 802.1x Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch MSTP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch SNTP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch SSH Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Management and Maintenance

S2800-24T4F Switch LLDP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch PPPoE Plus Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch CFM OAM Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Flex-Link and Monitor Link Conf...

S2800-24T4F Switch EFM Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch L2TP Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch QinQ Operation

S2800-24T4F Switch Port-car Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch Shutdown-control Configuration

S2800-24T4F Switch MLD Snooping Configuration

S3700-24T4S Switch Datasheet

S3700-24T4S Switch User Manual

S3700 Switch Software Configuration Guide

FSOS-S3700 Series-v1.0.1-2017.10.09

S3800 Series User Manual

S3800 Series FAQ

FSOS-S3800 Series-Bootrom-v1.5-2017.10.19

FSOS-S3800 Series-P004SP3-2017.11.24

FSOS-S3800 Series-Bootrom-v1.6-2018.03.02

FSOS-S3800 Series-P004SP3-2018.04.09

S3800 Series Software Configuration

S3800 Series Getting Started Operation

S3800 Series Ethernet Port Configuration

S3800 Series Port Mirroring

S3800 Series Port Utilization Alarm

S3800 Series Link Aggregation Configuration

S3800 Series Port Isolation Configuration

S3800 Series VLAN Operation

S3800 Series GVRP Configuration

S3800 Series ARP Configuration

S3800 Series IGMP Snooping

S3800 Series GMRP Configuration

S3800 Series DHCP Configuration

S3800 Series ACL Configuration

S3800 Series Storm-Control Configuration

S3800 Series QoS Configuration

S3800 Series RSTP Configuration

S3800 Series 802.1X Configuration

S3800 Series MSTP Configuration

S3800 Series SNTP Configuration

S3800 Series SSH Configuration

S3800 Series Switch Management and Maintenance

S3800 Series LLDP Configuration

S3800 Series PPPoe Plus Configuration

S3800 Series CFM OAM Configuration

S3800 Series Flex-Link and Monitor Link Configurat...

10G Switches

S5800-8TF12S Datasheet

S5850 Series Datasheet

S5850 Series FAQ

S5850 Series Practical Application for Netherlands...

FSOS S5850 Series Release Note

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.25-2018.01.31

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.24-2017.11.02

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.23-2017.08.18

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.22-2017.03.31

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.21-2017.01.03

FSOS-S5850 Series-v6.2.20-2016.09.12

S5850 Series Basic Configuration

S5850 Series BGP Configuration

S5850 Series Data Center Configuration

S5850 Series Device Management Configuration

S5850 Series Ethernet Configuration

S5850 Series IP Routing Configuration

S5850 Series IP Service Configuration

S5850 Series IPv6 Multicast Configuration

S5850 Series IPv6 Routing Configuration

S5850 Series IPv6 Security Configuration

S5850 Series IPv6 Service Configuration

S5850 Series Multicast Configuration

S5850 Series Network Management Configuration

S5850 Series Reliability Configuration

S5850 Series RPC API Configuration

S5850 Series Security Configuration

S5850 Series Traffic Management Configuration

S5850 Series VPN Configuration

S5850 Series Basic CLI

S5850 Series BGP CLI

S5850 Series Data Center CLI

S5850 Series Device Management CLI

S5850 Series Ethernet CLI

S5850 Series IP Routing CLI

S5850 Series IP Service CLI

S5850 Series IPv6 Multicast CLI

S5850 Series IPv6 Routing CLI

S5850 Series IPv6 Security CLI

S5850 Series IPv6 Service CLI

S5850 Series Multicast CLI

S5850 Series Network Management CLI

S5850 Series Reliability CLI

S5850 Series Security CLI

S5850 Series Traffic Management CLI

S5850 Series VPN CLI

S5800-8TF12S Switch Installation Guide

S5800-8TF12S Performance Test Report

FSOS S5800-8TF12S Release Note





S5800-8TF12S Basic Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Device Management Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Ethernet Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IP Routing Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IP Service Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Multicast Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Routing Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Security Configuration

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Service Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Multicast Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Network Management Configuration

S5800-8TF12S NVGRE Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Reliability Configuration

S5800-8TF12S RPC API Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Security Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Traffic Management Configuration

S5800-8TF12S VPN Configuration

S5800-8TF12S Basic CLI

S5800-8TF12S Device Management CLI

S5800-8TF12S Ethernet CLI

S5800-8TF12S IP Routing CLI

S5800-8TF12S IP Service CLI

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Multicast CLI

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Routing CLI

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Security CLI

S5800-8TF12S IPv6 Service CLI

S5800-8TF12S Multicast CLI

S5800-8TF12S Network Management CLI


S5800-8TF12S Reliability CLI

S5800-8TF12S Security CLI

S5800-8TF12S Traffic Management CLI

S5800-8TF12S VPN CLI

S5850-48T4Q Datasheet

S5850-48T4Q Basic Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Data Center Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Device Management Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Ethernet Configuration

S5850-48T4Q IP Routing Configuration

S5850-48T4Q IP Service Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Multicast Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Network Management Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Reliability Configuration

S5850-48T4Q RPC API Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Security Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Traffic Management Configuration

S5850-48T4Q VPN Configuration

S5850-48T4Q Basic CLI

S5850-48T4Q Data Center CLI

S5850-48T4Q Device Management CLI

S5850-48T4Q Ethernet CLI

S5850-48T4Q IP Routing CLI

S5850-48T4Q IP Service CLI

S5850-48T4Q Multicast CLI

S5850-48T4Q Network Management CLI

S5850-48T4Q Reliability CLI

S5850-48T4Q Security CLI

S5850-48T4Q Traffic Management CLI

S5850-48T4Q VPN CLI

S5900-24S Datasheet

S5900-24S Switch Configuration Guide

40G Switches

S8050 Series Datasheet

S8050 Series FAQ

S8050 Series Installation Guide

S8050 Series Practical Application for Netherlands...

S8050 Series Basic Configuration

S8050 Series Data Center Configuration

S8050 Series Device Management Configuration

S8050 Series Ethernet Configuration

S8050 Series IP Routing Configuration

S8050 Series IP Service Configuration

S8050 Series IPv6 Multicast Configuration

S8050 Series IPv6 Routing Configuration

S8050 Series IPv6 Security Configuration

S8050 Series IPv6 Service Configuration

S8050 Series Multicast Configuration

S8050 Series Network Management Configuration

S8050 Series Reliability Configuration

S8050 Series RPC API Configuration

S8050 Series Security Configuration

S8050 Series Traffic Management Configuration

S8050 Series VPN Configuration

S8050 Series Basic CLI

S8050 Series Data Center CLI

S8050 Series Device Management CLI

S8050 Series Ethernet CLI

S8050 Series IP Routing CLI

S8050 Series IP Service CLI

S8050 Series IPv6 Multicast CLI

S8050 Series IPv6 Routing CLI

S8050 Series IPv6 Security CLI

S8050 Series IPv6 Service CLI

S8050 Series Multicast CLI

S8050 Series Network Management CLI

S8050 Series Reliability CLI

S8050 Series Security CLI

S8050 Series Traffic Management CLI

S8050 Series VPN CLI

FS N5850-48S6Q 10G L2/L3 Switch Datasheet

N5850-48S6Q 10G SDN Switch Datasheet

N8000-32Q 40G SDN Switch Datasheet

N-Series Ethernet Switches User Manuals

FS N8000-32Q 40G L2/L3 Switch Datasheet

100G Switches

TAP Aggregation

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