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1U 40GE QSFP+ MTP-LC Breakout Patchpanel, 12x MTP/MPO-8 zu LC/UPC Stecker, OM4 Multimode, 96 Fasern
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1U 40GE QSFP+ MTP-LC Breakout Patchpanel, 12x MTP/MPO-8 zu LC/UPC Stecker, OM4 Multimode, 96 Fasern


Ultra high density MTP Male 0.35dB IL panel designed for 10GbE Network, 40GbE migration Network, fiber channel and data center.

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40GBASE-SR4 to 10GBASE-SR Breakout Panel 1U Rack-Mount, 24x LC Quad, 12x MTP Elite (0.35dB IL), OM4

High Density 96Fibers 1U 19" Breakout Fiber Patch Panel is designed to connect 40G QSFP ports with MTP/MPO fiber cables, mapping to the back of the panel, then breaking out as 48x 10G on the front panel with LC fiber cables. All breakout panels meet the requirements of TIA/EIA, IEC standards etc., serialized and applied in data center, telecommunication and storage area network.
Total Fiber Count96 Fibers Fiber Type OM4 50/125µm MMF
Front Adapter Type24x LC Quad Rear Adapter Type12x MTP-8 Male
Insertion Loss MTP≤0.35dB, LC≤0.2dB Return Loss MTP≥20dB, LC≥30dB
MTP adapter Key up to key downDimensions 1.73"x 19"x 10.3" (44mmx 482mmx 261.2mm)
Operating Temperature -20~+60°C Storage Temperature -40~+70°C

Leaf & Spine Connectivity Ulitilizing Base-8 Breakout patch panel

Excellent solution to port replicate and breakout an 8-fiber transceiver into 2-fiber patching field, and allows for an easy upgrade path moving 40 to 4x 10GbE or 100 to 4x 25GbE connectivity.

Item No. ID# Description
1 29122 S5850-32S2Q (32*10GE+2*40GE) High Performance Data Center Switch
2 17931 Generic Compatible 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ 850nm 150m MTP/MPO Transceiver for MMF
3 68017 1m (3ft) MTP Female to Female 12 Fibers OM4 Multimode Trunk Cable, Type B
4 43514 96 fibers 12x MTP/MPO-8 to LC/UPC OM4 1U Breakout Patch Panel Flat
5 40180 1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Product Highlights

Maximum Utilization - 40G MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Panel

In base8 wiring, sufficiently and effectively realizing the current application from QSFP+ to SFP+, despite of compatibility, and better management, even future-proofs your network

FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Maximum Utilization - 40G MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Panel

Ultraslimline 1U Rack Space - Up to 96 Fibers
  • Equipped with Corning fiber MTP-LC Elite cables for high speed in network infrastructure
  • Pre-assembled, modular to reduce clutter and slack for breakout cables
  • Breakout functionality to standard cables, simplifying installation
FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Ultraslimline 1U Rack Space - Up to 96 Fibers

Silk-labeled Design with Optimized Front Adapters

Elegant labeling can make you easier access to patch cables, and full-flange LC quad adapters for plugging stably, instead of damaging the ports

FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Silk-labeled Design with Optimized Front Adapters

Removable Cable Management Plate

Compared with other modules, this type of MTP/MPO-LC patch panel with unique plate will help you effectively manage trunk cables on the back

FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Removable Cable Management Plate
  • Instant and Hassle-Free Connection

    No dead LC ports to full usage, designed labeling makes you directly patch to 10G equipment

    FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Instant and Hassle-Free Connection
  • US Conec MTP Adapter wtih Opposed Key

    No seperate MTP connection in the rear, combining type-B MTP Female Cable to 40G port

    FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
US Conec MTP Adapter wtih Opposed Key

Tailored Packaging -- Shields for Products

The double wrap packaging meets the demands on your transport needs protecting against dust, extrusion, wear and moisture. FS.COM is aimed at maximizing the protection for products while minimizing the environmental impact

FHX MTP/MPO-LC LWL Patchpanel  
Tailored Packaging -- Shields for Products


• 40G MTP/MPO patch panel is the best choice for migration from 10G to 40G, saving greatest spacing.
• Attached sticker describes the key parameters of the cassette, which improves deployment flexibility for your cable system.
• As a leading communication corporation devoting to design, R&D, innovation, FS.COM pursues all-round and tailored solutions with the optimal products, welcome to contact tech@fs.com or sales@fs.com.

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